Saturday, 24 December 2011

NOTD - Barry M Nail Paint in 273 Raspberry

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If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know my infamous blog post on Barry M Navy Nail Paint and how much of a disappointment it was to my life!! From that point on I swore to never use Barry M again. But look what's gone and happened...
Yes. I tried Barry M again... Did I like it?... Well.. it was OK I guess. :)
Truth be told, it was lovely. I really do think this colour is a perfect twist on Christmas. The pictures don't do it justice I'm afraid. This red with undertones of pink is the perfect way to girlify your Christmas nails even further. And if you have nail art pens at hand, having snowmen on your ring finger would look so cute. Unfortunately I do not have anything like that but I will no doubt be purchasing some soon. This or a thin layer of gold glitter nail polish would be stunning.
Have I reverted back to using Barry M Nail Polishes? Well this one I borrowed from a friend, but you may see some more in the future if I find a colour I really like.

One coat.
Two coats.


  1. That's probably my favourite shade I own by Barry M!

  2. i'm not a massive fan of Barry M either, but this shade is gorgeous!:)

  3. This colour is lovely, I love Barry M shades! It's strange that some people don't get on with the brand whereas others do. I personally find them to be the easiest nail varnishes to use! x x

  4. I agree :) It's definitely one of my favourite shades.. I still like the navy too.. Just wish it wasnt by Barry M.
    Definitely seems that some love it and some don't :)


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