Thursday, 22 December 2011

GlossyBox for Men Product Review - Goldwell Dualsenses for Men - Hair and Body Shampoo

Goldwell - Dualsenses for men. Hair and Body Shampoo (Full Size £7.60/300ml).
Cleanse, revitalise and care for your hair, skin and scalp.
The boyfriend's verdict: This product had a really pleasant guava-like smell to it. It leaves the hair feeling clean and free of any built up styling products, whilst being delicate enough for it to remain smooth and not too dry or brittle. I really liked this shampoo. It lathered up well and smelt great. My only slight criticism is that it is very runny and as such, really does run out of the bottle when you open it. This shouldn't be a problem once you're aware of it, but the consistency did take me somewhat by surprise compares to other products which I have used. A benefit of this product is that it doubles up as a body shampoo, which is great if you're a shower fan, or away for the weekend, as it frees up room in your wash bag for some more cologne! I recently heard alarming news from a professional stylist regarding the effects of ingredients in a certain shampoo that claims to be used by professionals that I have been previously using. So if this sample continues to impress then I shall definitely be making a purchase.

Currently available at Feel Unique for £6.65 with FREE delivery!

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