Friday, 30 December 2011

Elegant Touch Flawless French Manicure Kit

I brought these after seeing them on other blogs recently. I loved the idea of them and they seemed to be getting relatively good feedback. So as you would expect, I ran out to get them at the nearest opportunity and tried them on over the Christmas period. I did not enjoy these! They look absolutely stunning on. There is no doubt about that. And if you are only planning to wear them for one day or for a special occasion then these are a great idea. But for their selling point, that they will last a week, with enough tips to last you a month, they really do not work out!
I put these on and they didn't last one day without one coming off. So I put another back on and the next day two more came off. This happened for about 5 days until I decided to remove them all as they were too much hassle. I couldn't do anything without one coming off and they didn't look great when one was missing. I was starting to put so much glue on to try and keep them on that it was getting all over my fingers and they still were peeling off like crazy. 
I was a little disappointed about the overall outcome and will not be repurchasing them.


  1. Its so disappointing that they kept coming off because they are so pretty!!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. Yeah i know! They are the perfect way of getting your nails done minus the salon. If only they worked better! xxo


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