Thursday, 8 December 2011

Birthday Dress :) + Treats!

I have noticed there has been a lot of hype around this dress getting sold by Jane Norman at the moment. I put it in my wish list a few weeks back now, but since then they have released a gunmetal grey colour that I prefer much better to the silver. They also do a zebra print if you are interested.

There is quite a story behind this dress, which I thought would might be helpful to you so would be worth sharing :)


I brought this dress online because they were having a 25% of sale and free delivery. I checked the size guide on the website because i generally don't shop a Jane Norman and didn't know which size I would be. According to their sizing, I would be a size 6, so this is what I ordered.

Because I couldn't wait for it to come before I tried it on, I went in store to try it on myself. I fit perfectly as you can see in the pictures above. I was so happy that I'd finally found a dress because I'd looked everywhere for something that I liked and couldn't find anything.

When it came, I hung it up in my wardrobe and ripped up the return dispatch note.... Little did I know everything was going to go wrong!

I went to try the dress on a few days later, to remind myself what it looked like, and I couldn't get into it!! I was so shocked but figured that the sizing was dodgy, so marched straight into town to get a size 6. Unfortunately they had completely sold out in the gunmetal colour so I tried on a size 8 in silver - that didn't fit either!!!

I couldn't believe it. I was so furious. I hadn't gained weight since I first tried on the 6 so there was no other explanation other than that the sizing was dodgy on this item. I had ripped up my dispatch note which was the only way of me returning my dress.

Next my boyfriend and I were sellotaping my dispatch note back together so that I could go to the store to return the size 6 that didn't fit - to find out we didn't need the dispatch note anyways!

I tried my luck again when a size 8 came in stock online and ordered it since the 25% sale was still going on. Luckily it came on my birthday and it fit perfectly. Drama over.

I would advise not to buy this dress online. The cut of the dresses can be different from one to another as I was informed by the till assistant when returning the prior 6. To avoid disappointment, try it on in store before you buy!

P.s - Here are some of the deserts I had from restaurants over my birthday period and the cupcakes my boyfriend brought me. 

Fruit and cake that my mum and I shared with a chocolate fondue!

The chocolate brownie dessert I had when my boyfriend took me out for a meal.

The cupcakes he brought me because I couldn't find a birthday cake I wanted.


  1. Can't believe how different the sizing was :/ Glad the size 8 fit :)

  2. I know! Thanks hun :) I will give it its proper debut on friday ^_^ xxo

  3. I hate places that alter there sizing so much! But glad you got your perfect dress in the end babe. :)

    It's gorgeous btw!

    & all this food.. I'm so hungry now! :D xx

  4. Thanks :) It really annoyed me that I could have just brought the one in shop but i had no reason to think that the one in the post wouldn't fit! Anyways, it's all sorted now :)

  5. At least it is a gorgeous dress after all that drama!!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  6. This is true :) I wouldn't have been so determined to get one that fit if it wasn't. lol xxo

  7. What strange sizing! Is a gorgeous dress though and the food looks amazing! x

  8. It tasted amazing! The brownie was absolutely gorrrrgeeeeous! haha xxo


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