Thursday, 17 November 2011

This month's magazines and their giveaways!

This month Cosmopolitan, Company and Glamour have all been giving away free beauty products. I thought it would be interesting to do a blog posts on my thoughts of these products. Read on to find out what I got and what I thought :)

Cosmopolitan - Lip Gloss
Company - Mascara
Glamour - Nail Polish

Cosmopolitan - Lip Rock Designer Lip Fashion is the free lip gloss that I got in Decembers magazine. Normally I hate the lip glosses that come as freebies as they tend to be cheaply made and extremely sticky. I have no doubt that this product was in fact both of those things, but it was also surprising nice! I am not a lip gloss girl by any means but I was very surprised about how much I liked the look of this when it was applied. Granted, when I kissed my boyfriend whilst wearing it he didn't appreciate it all that much, but that's beside the point. It photographed nicely and I was generally pleased. It comes in two different shades so go check it out. Plus Cosmo is a great read!

Company - This nameless mascara was probably the product I was most excited about. I use mascara every day and am always pleased when i find a great new kind. I thought it would be useful to take a picture of my lashes before application. This is what they look like:

This is what they look like after one layer of the mascara. The idea is that you apply the metallic silver base coat first to lengthen your lashes, and then apply the black top coat to emphasise this effect. Personally it did nothing for me. My lashes did look more black which was going to be a given. And yes i could notice the tiniest bit of lengthening. But this product was no where near up to the mascara standards of the high street. The product was gloopy and thick and the wand was skinny and unpleasant to use. For a freebie I guess it was OK but I wouldn't use it under any other circumstances. See below for a photograph of what my lashes look like with the mascara I use daily at the moment.

My daily mascara - Maybelline One By One Volum' Express Mascara. (opposite eye)

Glamour -  Finally i received this Nails Inc polish in Victoria. There were two other colours to choose from but i had shades similar and got drawn to the depth of this colour and how it looked to be a really intense red. I have used Nails Inc polishes before and have not enjoyed them at all. Unfortunately this polish didn't change my mind. The polish was to thin, the brush was to small and the application was streaky despite my best efforts to apply an equal amount all over the nail. It took 3 coats for the colour to build up to a darker shade, and you could still see the streaks after all of this. This is definitely a polish I don't plan to use again.

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