Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Offical 'theedgeofbeauty7' Iphone 4 Cover!!

This is my new iPhone cover and I am absolutely in love with it! My boyfriend decided to design and create this for me after creating my blog header. He ordered it from a site called redbubble.com. On the left had side of the phone it has my URL address and to the right it says 'made with love'. How cute is that? So basically this is just to say thank you to him, and to show all of you because I think it looks so cool. If you want one yourself, just click here! Or design your own - this could make a great christmas present for a loved one!


  1. Looks so good! Wish I could get one for my HTC!! x x

  2. I know right :) I love it. It was so thoughtful of him to make it for me :) xxo

  3. Thats such a wonderful idea! How cute and thoughtful. He's a keeper ;) Ha I would do something like that but I dont have an iphone :( one day... xxx


  4. Aha, he sure is :) aww, maybe they let you create ones for different phones. I'm not to sure because he did it but you could always have a look :) xxo


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