Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Sister ♥ Nail Polish

If your sister is a complete nail polish addict, then look no further than this Christmas Gift Guide. Everything you see is under £20, so you won't break the bank. These are the best of the best Christmas shades and most recent releases from OPI and Nails Inc. Be on trend this season!

I thought that these were super cute. Not only do you get two of the most recent nail polish releases, you also get glitzy nail dividers to help get your sister in the Christmas spirit. only £19.75

If your sister is a bit of a lipgloss junkie as well, this may be a way to cover both bases. Co-ordinating colours that will look great together sets you and your sister up to have a fabulously stylish photograph together - one you won't be embarassed to get out in years to come! These three are £19.75 each as well.

This is a great way to mix her favourite TV show with her favourite beauty product. You can wear these colours on their own, or simply layer one on top of the other to create a cool new effect. If you know who her favourite character is, this may be a great way to incorporate that. Personally I like Lily's shades the best :) All £20 each.

(1) Lily
(2) Serena 
(3) Blair

Finally we have The Muppettes Mini Nail Lacquers! Four fabulous, easy to wear shades that go with everything. These colours can be worn all year round and will never go out of style. If your sister can't wait to see the new Muppets movie, this may be a great way to get the party started early :) ... so to speak. Only £12.75!

Have a great Christmas!

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