Sunday, 13 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Boyfriend ♥ Quilted Jackets

My boyfriend and I went browsing the shops to find you our best and worst quilted jackets that are available on the highstreet. Here's the photos we took and the opinions the boy has on them :)


In order of price:

(1) Barbour - This is the lightweight version of the classic Barbour quilted jacket, making it perfect to wear all year round. Simply fling it over a tee shirt, and you can comfortably wear it in late Spring/Autumn, or layer it up with a thicker hoodie or jumper and you can feel snug whilst remaining water proof well into winter. Recently I've found that it's also ideal to wear over a suit jacket, allowing you to stay dry and warm whilst remaining smart and on trend. Yes it's the most expensive option here at £95, but it's well worth it's asking price as it's the most versatile of the range and has the best craftsmanship.

(2) Topman - I really wasn't impressed by this jacket. It felt uncomfortable and not particularly stylish. The contrasted shoulder fabric also didn't work for me. At £55, it was the most expensive of the alternative options... very disappointing Topman. They do however offer it in different colour options online, so perhaps they may suit other people's tastes better.

(3) Burton - This was made to a decent enough quality to justify it's price tag of £46 and felt comfortable whilst on. The corduroy effect collar is reminiscent of that on the Barbour, and whilst I wasn't initially keen on having a chest pocket, it has grown on me more over time. I would definitely consider this as an alternative if I was shopping on a tighter budget.

(4) Zara - This is a brand that I have always wanted to like, but have tended to window shop with very little success. However, during the summer months I purchased a grey blazer with shoulder patches from the Regent Street store, and have since started to have much more luck! This jacket is a prime example of that, as I really like it! My only issue is that I'm usually a size medium across all brands, but in this instance, a Large looked the nicest on me. It fitted but was somewhat snug in my arms, which would suggest that it'd be too uncomfortable to wear on long journeys or for prolonged periods of time. If you are just looking for a quilted jacket to throw over a tee shirt for a shopping trip to town then this is the one, as it is a snip at £39.99.

(5) New Look (Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be sold online) - This was my first trip into the men's section at New Look, and in all honesty I wasn't sure as to what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this jacket as it was nicely fitting but also comfortable at the same time, and had a heritage feel to it. The colour of the poppers is a bit much though, especially as it looks somewhat overloaded with the things! Also, the material is very thin, much thinner to that of the Barbour, so I doubt it'd keep you particularly warm. As it is the same price (£39.99) as the Zara jacket mentioned, there are better alternatives available.

(6) River Island - It's nice to see that the designers here have been brave and taken a new twist on the quilted jacket design by introducing vertical stripped quilting as opposed to the more traditional diamond pattern. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed once I had tried it on as it felt somewhat unflattering as the brave change in design simply didn't work. The diamond pattern looks much better. For those who are interested then this jacket is available in a few colours for £35 online currently, however retails at £55.

In order of the boyfriend's preference:
1 4 3 5 6 2

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