Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Boyfriend ♥ Fairisle Accessories

If you like the fairisle pattern but feel that your guy might be a little apprehensive about wearing a jumper covered in it, then there are plenty of accessories which can introduce the pattern to a more simplistic outfit. Below are some knitwear accessories selected and reviewed by the boyfriend:

(1) Allsaints - I was fortunate enough to be able to buy this Alexi beanie last year before it sold out in the sale. It appears that Allsaints have realised how successful it was and brought it back again this year! It is nice and soft as it is made from 100% Merino wool, justifying it's £35 price tag. The bobble detail may put some guys off it, but personally I believe that it adds to the festive feel as you are only likely to wear it in the autumn and winter months anyway.

(2) Ark - This Franklin & Marshall beanie is much more festive. It will suit guys who are not afraid of colour, and would look nice with a white or light grey top and jeans. It is a cheaper option at £24.99.

(1) Asos - These fingerless gloves are really cute and will allow your boyfriend to still be able to use his iPhone whilst on the move. Yes they are very festive, but at £8 they are definitely worth it! They are also available in red/white and black/white if you are interested.

(2) Marks and Spencer - These are a more traditional option which would go with most colours and wouldn't look silly with a more formal overcoat or social attire over the winter months. They are available for £10. 

(1) River Island - Snoods are becoming ever more popular as they are easier to wear and don't get in the way. This particularly snood would look nice with a brown pilot's jacket. Available for £20.

(2) Ark - This is a cute option that would go nicely with the M&S gloves above. They also wouldn't look out of place worn with a smarter pea coat over a suit or evening attire. Available for £34.99.

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