Thursday, 10 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Boyfriend ♥ Cologne

I thought I would start my new 'Christmas Gift Guide' series with things to buy your boyfriend as mine has been so lovely recently (click here to find out why) ! Stay tuned the rest of this week to see different idea's on what to get.

With a little help from the the boyfriend himself, we have together come up with a selection of 5 different colognes that hopefully your boyfriend will enjoy as much as we have.

Anyways here are the colognes and the conversation my other half and I had over them:

(1) Paco Rabanne 1 Million £36.50 for 50ml.
(2) Gucci Guilty Pour Homme £41.50 for 50ml.
(3) Bleu De Chanel £43 for 50ml.
(4) Ralph Lauren Polo Blue £39.50 for 75ml.
(5) Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male £39.42 for 75ml.

 The Boyfriend's Verdict:

My sister bought me the Paco Rabanne 1 million fragrance in duty free on her return flight from Ibiza. The packaging could be described as slightly tacky due to it's plastic nature, although the 'gold bar' look fits in well with the name, which suggests wealth. This is more of an evening cologne, although has hints of cinnamon and orange, which may make it perfectly fitting for the upcoming holiday season.

Gucci Guilty is a nice alternative to the Gaultier scent as it has cedar wood base notes but more refreshing lemon, orange and lavender top notes which make it the perfect cologne for any occasion. It won't leave your man overpowering the air in his office or lecture theatre, whilst also allowing him to fit in on a guys night out, or not to embarrass you on a dinner date.

I'm a lucky boyfriend and got surprised on my graduation with a tower of presents from my girlfriend which included the Ralph Lauren cologne. It's a very manly but fresh and pleasant scent, as it has top notes of cucumber and melon which help to soften the amber wood and sheer musk base notes. This has become my firm favourite for every day wear, as it is masculine but not over-powering.

The original and best Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance. I have tried a number of variations such as Fleur du Male and Le Homme Terrible, and in all honesty they have been pretty horrific. The original Le Homme however is far superior and is my chosen scent for nights out and more evening occasions. Similarly to 1 Million, it also has mid notes of cinnamon, but the strong base notes of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla come through the most.

My Verdict:
Bleu De Chanel is the only cologne that my boyfriend hasn't owned. However last Christmas I bought this for my brother and he absolutely loved it. It is a definitely a fragrance suited to wide range of guys, from friends to fathers. With main notes of Citrus Accord, Grapefruit and Frankincense it makes it quite a lively smell that's appropriate for daytime use but isn't too casual for night time.

Watch out in the next few days for our top 5 quilted jacket picks for your man.

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