Monday, 28 November 2011

Boudoir Prive Review - Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner

I received this pair of shampoo and conditioner in my November Boudoir Prive box. I have previously received Rahua haircare products from my Glossybox, but never got around to trying them, so I thought I would make a special effort and use these two straight away. 
These appealed to me more than the shampoo and conditioner I got in my Glossybox because this new formulation claims to add bounce, body and shine. A girl could always use a little bit more life in her hair so I was excited.

First off, I have to admit that I was a complete wally. It spent forever trying to get these open in the shower, pulling on them with my teeth (which I never do). Only later did I realise there is an easy shredded edge for you to peel back. Oh dear. 

Anyways, getting on to the product, I really did not enjoy using these at all. Personally, I am the type of girl that likes her shampoo to lather up a lot when massaging it into the scalp, but it didn't lather in the slightest! It felt so thin - almost like I was washing my hair with water. Although I had brushed my hair prior to heading in the shower, it soon became extremely knotty whilst rubbing in the shampoo. I thought that maybe my hair wasn't wet enough somehow, so I washed out the product, smoothed our my hair and took the left overs of the shampoo and repeated. It was a little bit better second time round but still wasn't great. I wasn't even a great fan of the smell, though I can't complain about that as I knew I wouldn't be. It smelt exactly like it described it would - a strong lemongrass and green tea scent.

Since I didn't like the shampoo, I wasn't holding my hopes high for the conditioner either. Having said this, I did believe that it was going to be better than the shampoo, simply because conditioners always make my hair feel soft and nourished. Yet again this was a let down. I have never experienced such a thin conditioner. The more I applied, the better it got but it never felt like my hair was going to be nourished. It was as if I wasn't really applying anything!

So, how was it when I got out of the shower? Well, I thought I would have to go straight back in and wash my hair again but thankfully it wasn't that bad. My hair does look shiny, and although it doesn't feel it, it looks soft too. I haven't notice any more volume or bounce in my hair. On the other hand it does feel clean.

I won't be using this again and have already given my second sample to a friend with shorter thinner hair, in the hopes that she can get some good use out of it. For over £50 combined if you brought both of the full sized products, I had expected more.

(note - after contact with Rahua, I found that this product doesn't lather due to it having no Sulphate)

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