Friday, 4 November 2011

3 Naughty Purchases!

I haven't been buying anything for myself no matter how much I like it recently. This is due to the large amount of funds I have already spent on Christmas presents. If I want to eat, I really need to save my pennies. Anyways, a few items creeped into my basket along the way so I thought I would share these with you.

My first purchase is this product by La Roche-Posay (£13.99). I would like to tell you that it is a moisturizer but it doesn't say what it actually is anywhere, just what it does. This product claims to 'smooth skin texture, tighten and unclog pores. Imperfections are lastingly diminished. Skin is clearer, the complexion more radient'. Effaclar K is for Oily Combination skin and M is for just Oily skin. If i had known this I would have probably picked up the other one but I wasn't paying much attention. However I like what this product claims it will do. I have only used this once and it was very pleasant but 12 hours later I seem to be breaking out. I don't know if it's due to this product or because of general stress, hormones, etc.
I will hesitantly keep using this and keep you updated with my progress.

Purchased from Boots.
 I went on a quick visit to Bicester Village with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and ended up getting drawn to the Jack Wills outlet they have there. I have wanted these leggings (£14) for a while but they are a previous season and I thought they had all sold out. Luckily however I found some and I love them. Very cute.

Size 8.
Excuse the annoying thred to the side. Weird that I didn't see that when taking the picture!
My final purchase is from River Island. I got this blouse (£30) to wear when I was planning to go out. Its really gorgeous and looks great on. The material is a bit sheer so you may want to wear something underneath. Personally I love the detailing of the gold buttons on the cuff. I think it makes the piece classy and elegant whilst also being fun and on trend. The back has a slit from top to bottom though unfortunately you can't seem to see this in the photograph. It closes with the two gold buttons on the black silk band. The sleeves hang beautifully when its on. Truly a lovely piece to have in your wardrobe. My only complaint would be that it's not tight at the bottom, its baggy. I would prefer the black band to be tight around me. A small matter that doesn't affect the overall top at all in my eyes.



  1. Firstly yes, I do enjoy those photos you took! They look edgy ;) And was this the top you wore out the other night? It looked great!!:) xx

  2. Yeah it was. Thanks. Though I never made it out in the end. Was quite ill unforunately :( Let me know if you want any more of those fantastic photos :) aha xxo

  3. i can totally see those leggings suiting you, they are lovely!! xxx


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