Wednesday, 12 October 2011

OPI Nail Envy Original.

One of the items that my boyfriend got me as a 'going away to uni present' was this OPI Nail Envy in Original. 
I had to admit that I'd not really paid any attention to this kind of product in the past and certainly hadn't heard to much about it through YouTube and such. I didn't really have to high of hopes for this product but I thought that since it was OPI it might surprise me as I have loved all previous OPI products I have owned.
The process for using this product seemed to be a bit of a pain. It is said that you should apply two coats the first day and then one coat every other day for a week. At the end of the week you are meant to remove the strengthener with Acetone Free nail varnish remover, and then u can repeat the process again. At the beginning this seemed like a lot of coats to paint of my nails, but as the week went on, it didn't feel like it was building up at all. Plus it gave me a gorgeous shiny look to my nails. 

The only thing that I found a bit frustrating was that realistically you shouldn't paint your nails with dark colours whilst using this product, as it doesn't act as a base coat and your nails could get stained. I had just brought Barry M's Navy Nail Paint and was dying to try it was a little annoying that I had to wait. On the other hand, it states that you can use this product with lighter nail varnishes and you can use it as a base and top coat. I found this really handy that it could still do its magic whilst my nails looked on trend.

The Nail Envy dried really quickly which I was thankful for. I was a bit worried that I would have to wait around for ages, which would have been a pain because I'm one of those girls where after I've painted my nails I have 101 things to do. I think that over all the product worked well. I have really thin flaky nails that bend a lot but once I had used this for a week I noticed strengthening in my nails and they didn't break so much. I gave in and painted my nails with the dark blue after a week, but I feel that using this weeks on the trot will give my nails a good chance and looking and feeling healthier and stronger.


  1. I've always wanted to try this out. My nails aren't too bad at the moment but they definitely start to weaken when it gets cold, so I may have finally pick this up :)

  2. Let me know what you think of it if you end up getting it. I definitely think it's worth the investment. The more I paint my nails the weaker they get so this is a necessity. :) xxo


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