Friday, 21 October 2011

NOTD : Rimmel London 60 Seconds - Blue My Mind

In reference to my Nail Tattoo Tutorial using Barry M Navy Nail Paint, my friend Becky (Check out her blog here!) went though her collection and found me this blue which she thought I might like to try as an alternative. If you have already read my previous post then you will understand completely when I say this is the best brush I have ever used. The '1 second xpress brush' is amazing. It fans out to cover all of your nails and makes it easy as pie to create a perfect neat finish. The colour is pretty opaque but I used two coats to deepen the shade. Unfortunately this colour hasn't stole my heart like the Barry M colour did. This one is more of a royal blue. This colour kind of annoys me because I would argue that it's purple not blue, but it is named blue after all. It dried really quickly as the name suggests and I would definitely recommend it. However it just doesn't fill the disappointing void that Barry M Navy left.

Appologies for the lighting. I painted my nails at night so that I could give it back to my friend the next morning.


  1. i really like this color. weird that the name implies definitely seems more purple like you said. i had one color from this rimmel range (a red) and i really enjoyed the brush as well.

  2. I'm so glad that you said that! It definitely seems more purple. Rimmel are actually really good for nail polish but sometimes they get overlooked. I have found a Collection 2000 one that is a way better dupe so I might look into buying that one and trying it :) xxo


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