Friday, 28 October 2011

NEW Rimmel Mascara - Scandaleyes!

Rimmel have released their new mascara called Scandaleyes to the high street. When I nipped to Superdrug for some necessities, this automatically caught my eye. The vibrant orange tube was everywhere! Cleverly packaged due to the fact that Halloween is just around the corner. I'm a sucker for new mascara's so thought I would try it out even though I don't need a new one at the minute.

The brush is massive! That's actually a quality I don't like. It is really hard to coat the lashes because the brush knocks the skin around the eye and on the side of the nose when trying to get the inner corner. Furthermore, trying to coat the bottom lashes became absolutely impossible! In the end I came to a decision that there was no way that I could use this mascara and so left them bare. The bristles were to soft and it felt as if they just bent or were barely there. This made application harder still.

Here is what my lashes look like before mascara - short and barely noticeable!

After the application:

Well I'm not overly excited about this mascara. It doesn't do anything overwhelming that makes it stand out. There was some voluming but not enough to call it a voluming mascara. The same goes for length. I felt that all this mascara did was just emphasize my existing lashes by coating them with black to make them noticeable. I wouldn't recommend people to spend their money on this mascara. 
If you want a good high street one I would strongly recommend L'oreal Telescopic or L'oreal Double Extension Mascara.

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