Monday, 10 October 2011

Nail Tattoo Tutorial with Barry M Navy Nail Paint.

This was the single hardest colour to paint in. I've never really been fond of Barry M nail paints to be honest with you. I feel that they chip really quickly - which they do. On the other hand I really love this colour and had to buy it. It does look stunning on, but yet again Barry M let me down. The brush was terrible. The brush hairs all finished at different lengths so it was impossible to get a neat finish. Furthermore the hairs kept shedding onto my nails. I was not impressed.

These are the nail tattoos that I used. I picked them up at Superdrug the other day. They were by a lady named Andrea Fulerton. I'm sure that if you have been into Superdrug recently, you will have seen her products. I really liked these designs and they were super easy to apply. Here is how I achieved the look above:

Apply 2 coats of Barry M Navy Nail Paint.
Wait to dry.
Choose a Nail Tattoo and peal off with some tweezers.
Gently place the tattoo onto the desired nail.
Press down with the tip of the tweezers to make sure that all points are secure.
Cover with a layer of Seche Vite Top Coat.

I am really pleased with these nail tattoo's. They stay on really well. The Seche Vite helps to keep them in place so that even when in the shower, they don't peel back or come off. I wouldn't use them with a Barry M polish again simply because of the brush quality. If anyone knows of a colour similar to this shade from a different brand, let me know! 


  1. Oh no, that's so weird about the brush, I haven't had any problems with mine being like that. I wonder if there was a production problem or something? The nail tattoos look cool though! x

  2. I don't know but I was very disappointed. Think i'll try and purchase a nail art brush to apply it next time, because with a dark colour you can't afford to have messy finish because it shows up so much :(
    Yeah I'm pretty impressed with the nail tattoos! They stay on a dream and look really gorgeous on! Nice for a change. xxo


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