Monday, 3 October 2011

My Morning and Night Skincare Routine.

I have Oily Combination skin, so I have built this routine up over a number of years whilst trying various different products. It may not suit everyone but this is what works best for me and my skin.
(Prices According to Boots. May be cheaper elsewhere!)

Both morning and night I use the Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (£3.36). This is a gentle white cream with little blue exfoliating beads, that gently buff and exfoliate your skin whilst cleaning deep into your pores. It doesn't feel abrasive at all, so I can use it morning and night to keep my skin glowing. It is oil free so it doesn't feel greasy when I am putting it on which is always a bonus. I refuse to put excess oil on my skin.
I use about a 5 pence piece size of this, buffing it in circle motions all over my skin after I have wet my face. I then just rinse it off with my hands and some water, before patting my face dry. If you have extremely oily skin, Clean and Clear do a Shine Free version of this. I would be warned that it does dry out your skin an awful lot. If I use it I start to get dry patches around my mouth because my skin isn't troublesome enough to warrant such a product. However in the summer, if I feel the need, I will use it every once in a while. The Shine Free product smells amazing! It is a thicker gel with green beads that burst on your face. It releases a strong citrus scent compared to the Blackhead Clearing one which just smells clean in general.

Next I use these face wipes (£4.20). I use them in the morning after washing my face, to cleanse it ready for make up, but i also use them at night to take my make up off before washing my face with the scrub. I have used the Clean and Clear deep cleansing ones before but they just made me break out really badly so I stay clear of those now. I have also used the Spot Treatment ones that Simple make. They are ok for using a couple of times a week, but I wouldn't use them every night. These however, are the perfect middle ground. They make my face feel clean and fresh, but also they help with the hyperpigmentation that I have on my cheeks. I have slight redness and discolouration from my teen years and these help to make my skin appear more radiant and even toned. These have no alcohol, oil, perfume or colour in them so they don't dry out or irritate my skin which I really like about them. They can get a bit pricey if you buy them in places such as boots. Personally I just try to pick them up with my weekly shopping at Sainsburrys since they sometimes have offers on.

Finally, i use this Spot Treatment Gel (£4.59). I have use many different ones over the years, from Which to Neutrogena, but for some reason this one seems to work wonders on my skin and I'm not to sure why. I picked up this because it is the same brand as my face wash, but as I explained earlier, I don't always get on with all the Clean and Clear products. However using this day and night on the select areas where I need it really helps to get rid of any problem areas i may have. Being 20 years of age, I don't really have a significant problem any longer. I don't know how this would work on extreme acne but it works perfectly well on the odd one or two if you use it religiously.

 Finally we come to the toning stage. I use quite a harsh toner so i tend to only use it at night times, and sometimes, not at all if I feel that my skin doesn't warrant it. This is the Garnier Pure Active Spot Purifying Toner (£3.49). It contains 2% Salicylic Acid which is the highest amount that you are able to get from a supermarket without a prescription. The Salicylic Acid helps to combat any blemishes that are on the surface by attacking the bacteria. It generally doesn't smell great and is very strong so I try to use it sparsely. I tip a bit on a cotton pad and then run it over my face to cover it and then leave it to do its magic.

Using all of these combined help me to achieve a skin balance that I can manage. I do think that my age helps me, as I am out of the teen problem years and therefore the oil on my skin has reduced drastically. However I think that these products could work on anyone who religiously keeps to using them. Always take your make up off at night and this will give you a headstart into having clear perfect skin.

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