Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mario Badescu Series Part 2: Silver Powder.

Carrying on from my Drying Mask, I thought I would introduce you to another one of the Mario Badescu products that I love. 
Many celebrities swear by these products, such as Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Ben Stiller, P. Diddy and Rachel Bilson. I think that this company's wall of fame is so huge because of how well the products work and how good the sizes are for the money that your paying.
For example, this Silver Powder cost me £10.95 and as you will see later it is filled to the brim with powder that will take me forever to get through.

The Silver Powder is actually white, if you are thinking that it is literally going to be a silver colour. The silver part comes from the ingredients as it contains silver to help the product do its job. This item is more suitable for people who have oily skin or trouble with blackheads. As we know, blackheads are caused by the dirt oxidising in our pores which turns the dirt black. The silver powder helps to break this dirt barrier and remove any hidden build up that you may have. It is really simple to use as well. All you do is grab a piece of cotton wool, soak it in a bit of water, then dab it into the powder and pat it onto the trouble areas on your face. You wait 10 minutes for it to do its magic and then you wipe it off with a cotton pad that has your toner on. 

It is a bit of a trouble product in the way that when the powder is drying it will flake off your skin a bit which is annoying, but otherwise its amazing. I love the way the powder comes off with my toner. It almost feels like wiping off a paste which leaves the skin able to breathe again, and you get noticeable results from day one. Using this a couple of times a week will keep your skin in top condition.

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