Saturday, 1 October 2011

MAC Blot Film Review

I have been using MAC Blot Film for a couple of years now and I always have a packet in my handbag to take with me. It is a great little trick for touching up your make up when your out and about.

They sell the sheets in packs of 30 for around £10.50. They are quite expensive if you think you are going to need more than one a day. If this is you then you might be better going for the Clean and Clear or Paul and Joe ones if you can get your hands on them. Personally, I have only tried the MAC version and the Superdrug own brand ones. I was not at all impressed with the Superdrug type and would recommend steering clear. The MAC ones, I believe, are very similar to the Clean and Clear ones which are almost half the price, but I can't find a place in the UK that sells them. If you know of a store that stocks them, please let me know. That would be a great help.

When you open the packet up you see something like this. The blue sheets are slotted into the container so that you can just pull one out of the cardboard packet without having them all fly everywhere. They feel really smooth; almost like a really thin and flexible piece of dusky blue plastic. The aim is to press them firmly onto the areas that create oil on your skin, and the sheet absorbs it all.

You can tell the sheet has absorbed the oil by the change of colour. The section that has been used goes a darker blue, see through colour. I find this really helpful, so that I know where I have used it and can get the most out of one sheet. They absorb the oil really easily and effectively. I feel that this method of blotting is miles better than applying a blotting powder to your face, as you will only get a more cakey look with that method. If you feel the need, you can always apply some transparent setting powder after using your blot film, to keep the oil at bay for longer. Personally, I just use the sheets, and then spray a bit of Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to give me a soft, satin finish.


  1. ooh never seen these before but they look great. i might have to pick some up when my skin no doubt becomes oilier again!

    1. They are pretty expensive but worth every single penny! xxo


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