Tuesday, 18 October 2011

John Frieda 3 Days Straight.

Frizz-Ease 3 day straight is a spray that you put in your hair when it is wet, and then blow dry it and straighten as per usual. It works as a heat protectant, but it also has keratin in it which is meant to help keep your hair straighter for longer. To test this product, I sprayed it in my hair and styled it as per usual, then took pictures for the next three days, showing what my hair looked like. Here's my review on it and the pictures I took :)

This is what the product looks like. When I first saw it I thought that it was a pretty small bottle for the £6.99 you pay for it. It recommends that you spray it 7-14 times through your hair to start with and more if needed. So as you can imagine, you run out of this product quite quickly. The smell of the spray was really nice, as was the application. The mist was fine and spread over a wide section of hair so it was easy to attack all places within one go.

Here are my daily pictures. Please excuse what I look like. I took them straight away in the morning so I look a bit like a gorm. Haha!

Day 1                                              Day 2                                               Day 3

Day 1 = As you can see my hair is pretty straight. The spray made it so easy to blow dry my hair into the straight style I wanted. This has never been possible before without tonnes of effort. I was extremely impressed by this. The straightening process with my GHD's afterwards was so much easier. It took me 5 minutes to straight all of my hair, and let me emphasize that my hair is extremely thick. I automatically thought that this was my new favourite product.
Day 2 = Well I was very disappointed. As you can see my hair is really not that straight anymore. The ends where flicking out all over the place. My hair was so wavy in places at the back and I wasn't very happy at all. I think that if I had straightened my hair at this point, then it would have been easy to style because of the spray and would have held well. However, the point of my little experiment was to see how well the spray worked on its own  - which seemed to be not very well!
Day 3 =  An improvement from day 2. I personally put this down to me sleeping on my hair and therefore flattening it against the pillow and not due to the product itself. It still wasn't perfect but it was manageable in my eyes.

So overall, I don't think this product works wonders on it's own. Having said this, I still think that it is a good product for helping you to get ready quicker in the morning. It enables you to use less heat on your hair because the styling processes become a lot quicker with this product. For that point, I think that I would repurchase this. However, don't be fooled that this product will work miracles. If you want pin straight hair, heat is the only way to go.

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