Sunday, 16 October 2011

Haul : Hollister, Allsaints, John Frieda, Maybelline etc.

My boyfriend came down to visit me at uni last week, and whilst he was staying I became very attached to his burgundy Hollister hoodie. I had no choice but to go out and splurge on one myself and I absolutely love it. It is ridiculously soft and comfy and looks great with blue skinnies for jeggings. The inside of the hood is a soft cream furry texture - that's my favourite part. I'm sure this will keep me snuggled up in the cold months ahead.

I also went to Allsaints whilst he was here and found this gorgeous top (excuse the creasing). It's definitely my kind of style and i love wearing it with black skinny jeans and heels, or like I did yesterday, wear it with shorts, tights, and a leather jacket. The two skulls moulded into a heart design I feel is very subtle. It doesn't make the piece look to dark, but still gives it a cool edge. It also comes in white with black print if you are interested.

Finally for clothes, I brought this top for Primark which turned out to be a bargain in the end. It was marked up as £8 but when I got to the till they only charged me £2.50 for it! I thought that this would be really nice to layer up in the winter or wear casually around the house with some joggers. The burgundy colour is what drew me to it in the first place because I have really been loving this shade this season. The front is block colour, but as you can see from the picture below, the back is striped. The lighter sections are see through which gives the top a bit of interest and makes it unique. I can't wait to start wearing this piece.

Into beauty, I saw an advert for this product on the TV and have been meaning to pick it up for a while but never have. Finally I managed to get my hands on some after a little searching. I haven't used this product yet but will be testing it out later on today and there will be a full review on my opinions when I have.

£6.99 or 2 for  £7.50 at Boots now!
This product caused me a bit of trouble. When I went to lunch with a few girls from Uni, I saw my friend Sophie wearing this colour lipstick, or what I thought was this one. I asked her what it was and then a couple of days later went out to buy it from Boots so that I could share it with you guys because it was so beautiful. It ended up that I had brought the wrong one, and the actual one that she had is down below, which I went to get on a further shopping trip. Drama, drama, drama! Swatches of this to come, once I have used them a bit.

This is the actual one she had, down below!

I was looking through my make up collection the other day and realised that I didn't seem to own a single eyeliner! This shocked me because I went through a stage of using Mac Studio Gel Eyeliner for a long while and I loved it. I also owned the Carbon Gloss one from L'oreal Paris and the Rimmel one shown below. I don't know where all of these products went, but when I realised I was running low on eyeliner, I shot out to by myself some. This is my trusty black pencil eyeliner repurchase.

Finally we have this interesting product that I am excited to try. I was so pleased with the nail tattoos that I picked up the other day, that I thought I would buy another product from this brand to try out. These are a couple of nail polishes that you can either wear on their own or layer to create a new cool colour! A review of this will also be up soon so watch out for it!


This will probably be my last haul for a while as I have started to buy Christmas presents and if I shared them on here people would know what I bought them! haha. However, I will be doing a christmas gift guide series to help give ideas on what to buy people for Christmas so watch out for those! Talk to you in my next blog!


  1. The pearl rose lipstick looks lovely! I love a neutral shade and I much prefer a lipstick over a lip gloss!

  2. I think i prefer the pink pearl out of the two. The rose pearl seems more glittery. Swatches will be up soon to show what i mean :)
    Lipstick over gloss any day of the week though! I can't stand the stickiness.

  3. Great haul! The jumper looks so cosy! Ohh i realy wanted to try the Amdrea Fulerton nail polish, it looks great :) xx

  4. Thanks hun :) It is literally the best thing ever. I live in it! haha. I've got high hopes for the nail varnish. I'll have to post pics once ive used it :) xxo

  5. I love hollister hoodies they are so cosy :) I bought that top from Primark too really comfty!


  6. We can be top buddies! How are you going to wear yours??
    I agree with the Hollister comment though. To be fair, they are quite expensive so for the price you expect something nice :) xxo


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