Saturday, 17 September 2011

OOTD - 17/9/11

Trip to the cinema and getting stuff for going back to uni :)

My Outfit.

Close up of my shorts.

Close up of my shoes on.

Close up of my bag.
The jumper and the hotpants i brought last year. They aren't available anymore. But i have put an alternate option.

Topshop Jumper  - £40 - alternate jumper
Topshop Denim Hotpants - £36 - alternate hotpants


  1. Are the M&S tights long lasting? Been meaning to pick up some new ones now that it's getting colder but I find it a pain shopping for decent tights! x

  2. Yeah definitely worth it. They last for ages if you by the 60 denier opaque ones :) xxo


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