Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nail Polish of the day : No7 Hot to Trot!

How pretty is this?! I must say it looks slightly different in the picture to how it does when I'm looking down at my nails. This colour is the perfect Autumn nude. It blends perfectly with my skin tone and gives the nails a subtle wash of light gold/bronze. Very sheer but pretty coverage with one coat. This is with two coats, but you could even go for three for a more intense colour. It dries pretty quickly but i wouldn't say the application was great. It was a bit difficult because of the consistency of the varnish. It seemed to be hard to get the right amount to paint my nails, there was either too much and it was running down the brush or too little. However it is still worth it because it's beautiful. The product says its highly pigmented but i wouldn't go that far to be honest. Boots are giving out vouchers for £5 off of No7 products so if you like it it will only cost you a two pound. Bargain! They do a pretty great colour range as well.

2 coats in nautral light.
Product name and number.


  1. Sucks about the application being difficult but it is a pretty shade! x

  2. I know. The polish almost seems like it's likely to chip because of the consistancy but i'll have to wait and see. xxo


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