Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mini Haul : Topshop, Boots, Essie and more!

I went shopping with my mum to get a few last bits and pieces before uni and ended up getting some things that I thought would be nice to show you. Firstly I got this gorgeous pinky peach top from Topshop. I'm uncertain as to whether I will be keeping it on the the other hand because it looks quite boxy around the shoulders because of the way the sleeves are cut. The front is a bit see through as the pattern includes little holes. I would definitely wear a bandeau or a tank top underneath this and include a  black bodycon skirt and some heels.


Close up of the tops front detail.
You may have seen this already as it was featured in my last OOTD. This gorgeous burgundy jumper is so soft, comfortable and warm. Plus this colour seems very in this season so it keeps you on trend as well. I thought that the tiny pockets on the front were a really cute addition. Plus this looks great with a skirt but also with jeggings/jeans. Its so versatile. I feel the wide neckline makes it feel a bit more dressy, but it is easy to dress down with a quilted jacket and some leather boots.

I've been wanting this snood for such a long time. I saw it in the Topshop in Nottingham quite a few weeks back now and drooled over it then but couldn't justify it as i didn't have the money and the weather was still rather warm. However, when I then wanted it and went to get it, it was gone. Could I find it anywhere? Nope! There was a beautiful navy coloured one at the time, but that one had gone as well. So on my hunt for it, it finally found one in my local Topshop and snapped it up. I love it and can't wait to wear it.

These may look familiar also as they were shown in my recent OOTD. I fell in love with these when I saw them whilst shopping online. I thought that they give an outfit a little bit of interest and pattern when your wearing other items that are plain block colours. Plus, these really remind me of Christmas as they feature what look like snowflakes printed on them. I brought two pairs and I think they will be worn to death this winter. Perfect for winter, considering they are bodyshaper tights and will hold in any lumps and bumps from over indulging in the chocolate and turkey.


Close up of the pattern on the tights when they are on.
I first heard about this spray from ThePersianbabe on YouTube and became instantly intrigued. I don't like to backcomb my hair as I feel that it damages it too much, so a spray that would give me the look of that without the damage sounded amazing. I still haven't used this yet but I shall do a review on it once I have.

A couple more things you might have seen already. I have slowly been working my way through these nail polishes and trying them out but i still have one more to go. If you want to see what the Revlon nail polish and the bronze No7 one look like click here and here. I am yet to try this gorgeous blue/green metallic polish at the end but it shall be my next adventure.

Gold Coin, Hot to Trot and Dollar
And finally, a sneak peak from the uni box that my boyfriend is putting together for me. He was kind enough to put together a box of treats for me to have as a going to uni present and I can't wait to see what's inside. How thoughtful of him though :) These are Essie nail dividers for when I paint my nails so I'm getting a feeling some nail polish might be involved but we shall have to wait and see. If you're interested in seeing what I got, let me know and I will do a post.

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