Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Haul : Asos, H&M, Topshop, Korres etc

I recently bought this top whilst looking for something to go with the burgundy leggings i was planning on purchasing. I have to give credit to my boyfriend for finding it. It was a massive struggle to actually find anything in the shop that would remotely look good with them. Funnily enough, after trying them both on in the changing rooms, i decided that i liked the top over the leggings after all. I would warn anyone that buys this that it is hand wash. I didn't check, as i presumed it would be a normal 30 wash. Consequently it has now shrunk so that it isn't so long anymore. Personally i prefer it this way. 

I've been looking for a new dress to wear out when i go back to university. Long story short, i managed to get my hands on this dress in the Asos sale. They sell it in mauve and red. I really wanted the mauve one to begin with. Unfortunately that one is sold out in my size. Luckily the red one came back in stock in a size 8 so i snapped it up and i really like it. It's by the brand Motel and comes under the '2-in-1' section of dresses. They do plenty in all different colours and patterns. If you are interested i would say to either check Asos or go on the Motel website itself as there are many more specifically on there.


Whilst i was shopping on Asos i also picked myself up a lip butter from Korres. They are only £6 and i had wanted one for a while now. So far, so good. It smells really nice but it doesn't seem to taste of anything which is a bit of a disappointment. The colour payoff isn't very strong either. It is quite sheer and easy to wear. I found i needed to re-apply it often though, as i felt it wore off my lips rather quick. 

Guava Lip Butter.
With all the hype that this concealer has been given on YouTube, i felt it my duty to pick it up and give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised!! The coverage is actually quite good. I feel that it can get a bit cakey. I'm not to sure i like that, but i am still experimenting with it, having only worn it once so far. On the other hand, it works nicely for covering my under eye circles. The application is smooth and it doesn't crease during the day.

This is another buy purely because of the hype on YouTube. I haven't tried this blush so far but i shall do a review a bit later once i have. I tested it on my hand and liked this colour the best so we shall see. It's a nice peachy pink from what i can tell.


The shade.
Finally, i bought this bag for university. I had recently seen my boyfriend carrying a bag similar to this and liked the style. I have been looking for a brown satchel to use for uni for a while. I picked this up a couple of days ago. It was the last one i could find in H&M. I felt it was worth giving it a go, considering it wasn't very expensive for a bag. The two buckles latch onto the pockets with magnetic buttons. However, once you flip the flap over, there is a zip on the big pocket. I thought that this would be really useful so that my work wouldn't get wet if it was raining. 


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