Friday, 30 September 2011

Nail Polish of the day : Maybelline's Express Finish Diamonds in Red Comete.

A perfect jewel tone colour to keep in with this Autumn's nail trends. This red is vampy in its own right but tones itself down with a lighter red shimmer in the light. Little gold reflects in this polish make it absolutely stunning for daytime and night time. It's opaque after 2 coats and has a selling point of drying in 40 seconds which it definitely lives up to. Perfect for a last minute splash of colour in on the nails when you're in a rush. Paired with Seche Vite to give it an extra gloss, this metallic shade is a must have!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

OOTD - 28/9/11

Lunch in town with the family :)

Asos Black Quilted Bag - £16
Pink Leather Double Wrap Limited Edition Pandora Braclet.
Links of London XS Sweetie Braclet.
Topshop Beaded Rose Braclet.
TU Faux Pearl Earings.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mini Haul : Topshop, Boots, Essie and more!

I went shopping with my mum to get a few last bits and pieces before uni and ended up getting some things that I thought would be nice to show you. Firstly I got this gorgeous pinky peach top from Topshop. I'm uncertain as to whether I will be keeping it on the the other hand because it looks quite boxy around the shoulders because of the way the sleeves are cut. The front is a bit see through as the pattern includes little holes. I would definitely wear a bandeau or a tank top underneath this and include a  black bodycon skirt and some heels.


Close up of the tops front detail.
You may have seen this already as it was featured in my last OOTD. This gorgeous burgundy jumper is so soft, comfortable and warm. Plus this colour seems very in this season so it keeps you on trend as well. I thought that the tiny pockets on the front were a really cute addition. Plus this looks great with a skirt but also with jeggings/jeans. Its so versatile. I feel the wide neckline makes it feel a bit more dressy, but it is easy to dress down with a quilted jacket and some leather boots.

I've been wanting this snood for such a long time. I saw it in the Topshop in Nottingham quite a few weeks back now and drooled over it then but couldn't justify it as i didn't have the money and the weather was still rather warm. However, when I then wanted it and went to get it, it was gone. Could I find it anywhere? Nope! There was a beautiful navy coloured one at the time, but that one had gone as well. So on my hunt for it, it finally found one in my local Topshop and snapped it up. I love it and can't wait to wear it.

These may look familiar also as they were shown in my recent OOTD. I fell in love with these when I saw them whilst shopping online. I thought that they give an outfit a little bit of interest and pattern when your wearing other items that are plain block colours. Plus, these really remind me of Christmas as they feature what look like snowflakes printed on them. I brought two pairs and I think they will be worn to death this winter. Perfect for winter, considering they are bodyshaper tights and will hold in any lumps and bumps from over indulging in the chocolate and turkey.


Close up of the pattern on the tights when they are on.
I first heard about this spray from ThePersianbabe on YouTube and became instantly intrigued. I don't like to backcomb my hair as I feel that it damages it too much, so a spray that would give me the look of that without the damage sounded amazing. I still haven't used this yet but I shall do a review on it once I have.

A couple more things you might have seen already. I have slowly been working my way through these nail polishes and trying them out but i still have one more to go. If you want to see what the Revlon nail polish and the bronze No7 one look like click here and here. I am yet to try this gorgeous blue/green metallic polish at the end but it shall be my next adventure.

Gold Coin, Hot to Trot and Dollar
And finally, a sneak peak from the uni box that my boyfriend is putting together for me. He was kind enough to put together a box of treats for me to have as a going to uni present and I can't wait to see what's inside. How thoughtful of him though :) These are Essie nail dividers for when I paint my nails so I'm getting a feeling some nail polish might be involved but we shall have to wait and see. If you're interested in seeing what I got, let me know and I will do a post.

Monday, 26 September 2011

This Weeks Wish list.

Topshop Jumper (£38) Knitted V-Neck Crest Jumper - 71% Acrylic, 16% Nylon, 13% Angora. Machine Washable.
Topshop Leggings (£12) Burgundy Ankle Leggings - 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane. Machine Washable.
Topshop Clutch (£25) Metal Corner Clutch Bag - 100% Polyurethane. Do not wash.
Limited Edition Mac Blush in Stunner (£17) Powder Blush - 6g, 0.21 us oz.
 Simmi Shoes Red Suade Bow Heels (£30) Aliya (Red Suade) - Soft Faux Suade Upper.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nail Polish of the day : No7 Hot to Trot!

How pretty is this?! I must say it looks slightly different in the picture to how it does when I'm looking down at my nails. This colour is the perfect Autumn nude. It blends perfectly with my skin tone and gives the nails a subtle wash of light gold/bronze. Very sheer but pretty coverage with one coat. This is with two coats, but you could even go for three for a more intense colour. It dries pretty quickly but i wouldn't say the application was great. It was a bit difficult because of the consistency of the varnish. It seemed to be hard to get the right amount to paint my nails, there was either too much and it was running down the brush or too little. However it is still worth it because it's beautiful. The product says its highly pigmented but i wouldn't go that far to be honest. Boots are giving out vouchers for £5 off of No7 products so if you like it it will only cost you a two pound. Bargain! They do a pretty great colour range as well.

2 coats in nautral light.
Product name and number.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

OOTD - 24/9/11

Lunch and shopping with my best friend. I admit I felt a bit Christmasy :)

My whole outfit :)

New Topshop Top

H&M Bodycon Skirt.

Marks and Spencer Tights.

River Island Shoes.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Glossybox Product Review : Nuxe Dry Oil

This product was such a surprise for me. Although I had been looking for a good oil to use throughout my hair, this product said it was suitable for the face and skin as well which put me of a bit.

I believe that Nuxe is a french brand that specializes in skin care. I did some research on the product before i decided to use it and found that it was a multi-award winning beauty item that plenty of people swear by. This definitely gave me the incentive to want to try it, but even more so i wanted to love it as well.

I couldn't believe how far wrong i was in my first expectations of thinking it was going to be a really greasy oil. I suppose i should have got the point when it was described as a dry oil but i didn't fully understand until i started to use it. I tipped a bit onto my hand at first (This product really needs a pipet or a spray or something because it's hell trying to get it out of the bottle without getting to much or spilling it everywhere.) I rubbed it between my fingertips, and my first impressions were how dry it was; a silly thing to say i know, as it is a DRY oil. But it felt like it almost disappeared into my skin straight away. Regardless, i started ruffling it through the lengths of my hair, focusing mainly on the tips and smoothing my hair out. The oil made it feel so soft and silky. It calmed any weird fly aways i had after just straightening my hair and made it look so glossy and healthy.
Most importantly, it didn't make my hair feel greasy at all. When i woke up the next morning with second day hair i expected that with most products, my hair would be screaming to be washed but it wasn't. It looked healthy and clean. 
Additionally, when i washed my hair later that night the oil wasn't difficult to budge. Granted that i always wash my hair twice in the shower, but sometimes with some powders and oil hair product, it feels hard to wash out in the shower. I have extremely thick hair so i was pleasantly surprised by how effortless the product was.
I'm extremely excited to try it on my skin next and see how that works. It made my hands feel wonderfully soft when i applied the oil to my hair so i have high hopes for it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up Remover.

I've been using this deep clean make-up removing cleanser for quite a while now and have become very impressed with it. What i was first drawn too was that it claimed to cleanse my skin whilst deep cleaning my pores and removing the make up - including mascara! Trust me, it comes off a dream.

£3.56 - 200ml.

The product is a white lotion that i normally put onto a small round cotton pad. I use just under a 5 pence piece amount. Folding the cotton pad in half to spread the lotion evenly, i then start to buff the lotion on to my skin and the make up and product starts to come off. It says on the back of the bottle that you don't need to wash your face after using this. However, i normally use it in the morning or at night and tend to wash my face after using it anyways. My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards. It surprising how easily the make up comes off and how deep the product cleans my pores. After all, this product is just a thick lotion. It definitely filled my expectations and more. It smells very clean and pleasant and doesn't cause me to break out. It's oil free which is a bonus for my skin, and consequently i don't find the product greasy at all.

At the moment this product is buy one get one half price at boots.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lush Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars!

The boyfriend treated me to some lovely lush products on our anniversary so I thought I would take a picture of them before I used them and then give you my opinion on what I think. So what did i get??

The heart shaped one is a Bath Bomb called the Tisty Tosty. A bit of a weird name if you ask me but oh well. Each bomb contains seven roses along with different scents including; geranium, jasmine, lemon oil and orris. The product is for the most part, made of natural ingredients and smells like heaven in the bath. I used all of mine, however you can break it up if you want too. The bath bomb i found is more of a product to scent the water. When you lay in the bath your skin comes out smelling absolutely divine. The roses floating in the bath look gorgeous. This bomb mixed with the Bubble Bar i am about to talk about go beautifully together.

£2.99 per 110g

This Bubble Bar is called the Amandopondo Bar. What a mouthful ey? Consisting of mainly rose and lemon again, it complements the Bath Bomb beautifully whilst doing a completely different job. As you probably would have guessed, this product creates bubbles, and a lot of them at that. I didn't use all of this in my bath because it would have been too much. I broke a bit off and saved the rest for my next bath. It foams up amazingly well and is such a treat product to have in your bath. I'm more of a shower girl myself, however for a change i would definitely invest in some more different products from Lush as i have been impressed so far. These two items seem reasonably priced for their size, however i wouldn't use one every time.

£2.50 per 100g

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Glossybox Product Review : HD Brows - High Definiton Brows

I have been using this product for a little while now after receiving it in my September Glossybox. I find it so much easier to use than the Benefit Brow zing palette. Not only can you use this product for your eyebrows, but it also creates a very nice daytime eyeshadow look as well.
I use carbon - the darkest colour in the palette, along with warm brown - the medium brown colour in the palette. The brush comes with two different ends. One is a slanted brush to use to get a precise shape around the edge and the other side is a flat shader brush to fill in your brows. I actually enjoy using the brush. Sometimes when a product comes with a brush it isn't very good quality. However i find find this brush very easy to use. The pans are a bit powdery which would be one weakness for me. You have to be careful not to have fallout elsewhere. Having said this, i don't have a problem with my brows smudging during the day -  especially if i use a brow gel to set them.
The mirror is very useful for on the go and the packaging isn't too bulky so it fits nicely in my make up bag. Its a win win all round for me.

Palette and brush.
                   Left normal eye brow.     Right Eyebrow using the HD Palette.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Nail Polish of the day : NEW Revlon Nail Enamel - Gold Coin

My new FAVOURITE nail polish this Autumn/Winter. How gorgeous is this brand new shade from Revlon?! Gold coin is a perfect, vibrant gold that is metallic and shimmery. It looks absolutely fabulous in all lights and goes with all outfits. You could get away with one coat for a sheer coverage, however an opaque look is easily achieved after two coats. It drys pretty quickly. The brush is thin and long which i normally hate but it makes the application very precise and easy to create a neat finish.

Boots are having a 3 for 2 at the moment on all beauty products. Go and check it out!

If you are interested in the background, the photo's were taken against my Glossybox. You can read all about that in my blog post here.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

OOTD - 17/9/11

Trip to the cinema and getting stuff for going back to uni :)

My Outfit.

Close up of my shorts.

Close up of my shoes on.

Close up of my bag.
The jumper and the hotpants i brought last year. They aren't available anymore. But i have put an alternate option.

Topshop Jumper  - £40 - alternate jumper
Topshop Denim Hotpants - £36 - alternate hotpants

Friday, 16 September 2011

25 Beauty Questions Tag :)

Theres a beauty tag going around youtube and i thought i'd join in even though this is blogger :) why not?! i tag all of you to join in - its fun :)

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers? 
A brush. I feel it gives me the best finish. I use the MAC 187.

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark? or dark to light?
I'm pretty lazy with eyeshadow, so i either don't wear it or just wear one wash of colour all over the lid, but if i wanted to go into more depth i would use light starting in the tearduct and darker in the corner and on the crease.

3. Do you prime your eyes?
When i used eyeshadows i do otherwise they crease on me.

4. Concealer first, or after foundation?
Always after my foundation because normally foundation will cover a lot of things that i thought it wouldn't so it spares my concealer from getting a hammering when i'm having a bad skin day.

5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
Manicure myself. I'm a student. I'm not made of money! hehe.

6. Exfoliate lips, face or both?
Both. Face everyday with my face wash, but my lips only when they need it.

7. On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?
About 10 minutes.

8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
Yes. I wont go anywhere or do anything without it 98% of the time. It just makes me feel better about myself.

9. What release are you most excited about?
The new Chanel Fall Collection! Shocker i know!

10. What’s your weakness?
In beauty? Blush - i will love nearly every shade. 

11. Do you whiten your teeth?
Nope but i use a toothpaste that claims to naturally whiten them?

12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?

13. What do you use to contour?
I never contour my face.. i feel like i'm too pale skinned to get away with it. It would just show up to much and look to fake.

14. False lashes, or natural?
Natural for the most part but sometimes when i go clubbing i like to vamp it up a little.

15. Favourite makeup brands?
MAC and L'Oreal.

16. Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel?
Liquid or gel i think.

17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?
Chapstick please and thankyou.

18. Pigments, pressed or cream eyeshadow?
Pressed by far. 

19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be?

20. Favourite color?

21. Favourite color combination?
White grey black, with camel's and blues.

22. Natural or dramatic eye makeup?
Natural, no matter what the occasion.

23. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
Quality! What the point in having the named brand if it doesnt do its job?!

24. Do you enjoy using face masks?
As long as my skin doesn't react to them. I can be very sensitive. I like using the Mario Badaseau Drying Mask sometimes.

25. What is your current addiction? 
Blogging! and online shopping.

Mario Badescu Series Part 1 - Drying Mask

I discovered Mario Badescu through YouTube when i was having a tough time with my skin. This was not the first product i came across, but after having looked into all the different products in the range i decided on 3 or 4 - this being one of them. Mario Badescu is a skincare range for all skin types. There are products specifically for dry, normal, combination or oily skin. Personally i have only looked into the oily skin products. If you would like me to do a series on this brand i would be more than happy too.

This specific product is a drying mask. The products description says:
'Our drying mask for oil, acne prone skin is formulated with Sulfur, an ingredient that reduces surface oil, calms existing acne and prevents future blemishes and breakouts.'

59ml - £16.25
The product is a thick and sticky brown mud texture. Apply a thin layer of this to the skin, either all over the face or just to the affected area and wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

It looks pretty gross!!
As the mask dries it goes a lighter grey colour and you skin feels like its tightening up. The first time i used this it was a very weird sensation. It dried so tight i felt like i couldn't move my face. It made me laugh, which made the mask crack, which isn't a bad thing.

It applied to a section of my hand.
Afterwards you are left with skin that feels extremely clean and fresh, but also feels like your pores have tightened up. Its recommended that you use this mask 2 or 3 times a week but no more otherwise you skin will dry out to much. It is also recommended to moisturize after using this product. The drying mask recommends on the back that you use their buffering lotion or drying lotion. Personally i think you can skip this step, depending on how bad your skin is.
I definitely feel that this is a product worth investing in. It really helps dry up any problem areas and make them less noticeable which is what everyone hopes for when in that position.
I don't believe it has a use by date. I have had mine for around a year now and as you can see from the picture above, i haven't used too much of it because I only use it when i need it. All the products from Mario Badescu have been reasonably good i think. Some work better than others, and for me this one works the best.

(A Nail Polish of the day is coming up if your interested in the nail polish on the picture above.)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

September Glossybox!!!

Yay it's finally here!! My first ever Glossybox. I just couldn't wait to open it and share it with you guys. For those of you who don't know, Glossybox is a monthly subscription service. You pay £12.95 and you get 5 high end deluxe samples of the newest beauty products to hit the market. The thought and detail that goes into the gorgeous packaging is incredible. I took a picture of every stage of me opening the box so you can come along for the experience with me. Here we go!

This is what the Glossybox looked like when I opened it up. The pink card was a welcome from Glossybox, introducing abit about this months box and the company.

Flipping the card round, there was a list of products that came in the Glossybox this month along with a little discription.

After opening the tissue I saw all the products laid out nicely in the box on some shredded black paper.

The first thing on the list was the HD Brows Eye Brow Palette. This is probably the product I was initially most excited about. I brought the Benefit Browzing a while back but didn't enjoy it to much. Because of that, i have never splurged in another eyebrow palette. I have always just stuck to my Sleek Eye Brow Pencil. This however looked impressive from the off.

This was the product out of the box. A black plastic shiny case. (Excuse the reflection of my ceiling light in the casing).

The product consists of 4 different colours. A nude (top left), Carbon (top right), Warm brown (bottom left), and Ash Brown (bottom right), with a brush and a mirror.

Here are swatches of all 4 colours. My hair is really dark so i think that Carbon will probably work best for me.

This is the second product on the list. Nuxe, is described as a dry oil that you can use on your face, skin or hair. I am hoping that this will work a bit like Morrocan Oil as i will most probably use this on the tips of my hair. I already have oily skin and putting more oil on it would only make it worse. However shine in my hair to make it more glossy wouldn't go a miss.

This is 10ml or 0.33fl.oz. It's £27.50 for 100ml

This is the product that probably confuses me the most. Omorovicza is a Thermal Cleansing Balm that is meant to cleanse the skin without stripping it to leave it feeling soft and radiant. This will be interesting to try out. Its certainly a product i have never heard of before.

This is 5ml or 0.17fl.oz. Its £46 for 50ml.

The product is in a frosty glass jar. It looks very ominous i must admit, but we shall see how it goes.

Next is Plum Eau De Parfum by Mary Greenwell. I am a minor perfume addict so i went to smell this straight away. I am not very good at describing smells but i find that it is a very mature, grown up smell. This is Mary's debut perfume. She is a make up artist that said she was inspired by style icons and colour. The top notes are: peach, blackcurrent, plum, bergamont and lemon. Heart notes of: gardenia, tuberose, orange flower absolut, rose absolut, and jasmine absolut. Followed by dry down of precious woods, sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli, amber and white musks.

This is 15ml or 0.05fl.oz. Its £60 for 50ml.

Finally there is Rahua Shampoo and conditioner. Rich, organic and 100% natural.

This is 10ml or 0.34fl.oz. Its 21.95 for 275ml of Shampoo or  £23.50 for the Conditioner.

'For longer, stronger hair. Adds bounce, body and shine. Ideal for colour treated hair'.

It all looks pretty awesome. I can't wait to try it. Hope you enjoyed looking at everything with me :)

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