Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nail Apps by O.P.I - Magic Garden.

My most recent beauty buy was a purchase from Asos!
Normally I don't consider Asos to be a place that I would think of buying products from. However, when I saw these nail apps in the sale whilst searching for the dress FleurDeForce brought (black and cream off the shoulder dress) for a recent event, I thought to myself, why not give it a go?!
I've always wanted to try some like this but they are so expensive, and for what they are and potentially how long they will last, they were a bit of a swizz!
I applied them about a week ago - they're really easy to do. All the application consists of is rubbing the sticker on the plastic paper (I presume this is to activate the glue), and then press them down onto your nail. After you have removed any air bubbles you simply nail file the excess sticker off and voila!
An extra bonus was that I just read on the back of the packet they were meant to last 1-2 days.... Well I've had them on a week now and not one has torn off. I would definitely recommend them.
Here is a link to where i purchased mine from: OPI Nail Apps .
They are still available for £6.30!

My nails after the stickers were applied :)

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