Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lush Mint Julips!

For every girls basic beauty kit, it is essential to have a lip scrub. How many girls enjoy having chapped lips that are peeling and dry? None.
Using a lip scrub removes all of the dead dry skin on the top of your lips in a gentle way. It leaves them in perfect condition to apply lipstick, lip gloss or even lip balm. The application becomes better and ultimately the end result looks great! So which lip scrub do I recommend??
Lush Mint Julips! Every tub of this product is handmade. It comes with a little sticker on the bottom telling you who made your product, the date they made it, and a use by date. The scrub consists of sugar (to remove the dead skin) and a variety of oils including Jojoba and peppermint for its smooth feel and great taste. It not only does wonders for your lips but it's also really addictive. The fact that you can lick off the scrub after you have used it makes you want to apply it even more. The taste is great! And if you don't like mint then it also comes in Bubblegum and Vanilla and Chocolate
The product lasts forever as you only need a little bit at a time.
I normally use this at night time before I go to sleep as it does leave your lip a little red after the application due to the rubbing and increasing the blood flow to your them. However this goes down quickly and you are left with perfect kissable great tasting lips.

Mine partly used. (25g) Price = £4.95

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