Saturday, 6 August 2011

L'oreal Paris Color Infallible - 001

To go slightly off topic, I recently went on a search for a good waterproof mascara.
This search as a bit late as I actually realised I didn't have one the day before I was going on holiday with my boyfriend. It made no sense to me that I didn't have one because they used to be the only kind I picked up. However, I guess I felt that I didn't really need a waterproof mascara and changed my brand to the normal.
But here we are. And the search for a waterproof mascara commenced because I'd just recently run out of the tube I was using. 
While browsing the isles in my local boots, none of the mascara's seemed to jump out at me. I'd listened to reviews about a few of them from the beauty guru's on YouTube and was persistent on skipping those ones, which left me with few.
Being the girl I am, I always look for the pretty packaging or the ones with the interesting wands - gimmicks always seem to get me - but there was nothing.
Finally I settled on my trusty L'oreal Telescopic that I've used before. The waterproof packaging wasn't as pretty as the normal but I figured that at at least I was buying something I knew would work. This is where the Color Infallible came in.
Boots were doing a deal that if you brought a L'oreal mascara, you received one of their new eye shadows free of charge.
Personally I'm not really an eyeshadow girl. I much prefer blusher and mascara, so I wasn't to fussed with getting the freebie. I figured that if I could find something that was relatively nude and easy to just swipe on the eyelids, I would go with that. The colour selection was very small however this is when I stumbled across colour 001 (aka Time Resist White).
It looks so pretttyyy in the packaging. All sparkly. It was more of a golden champagne colour I thought, compared to a whiteish colour. I figured that I could see how this worked as an inner corner highlight or even a browbone highlight.
Now onto the nitty gritty: I don't know if its because I don't have the correct brush to apply this product with but it is incredibly hard to work with. The fall out is crazy!! And as for putting it on the inner corner - well it does look gorgeous actually, and if you put a minimal amount then your onto a winner. The brow bone highlight is a no go. It's way to shimmery for that. And as an all over lid colour, it comes out true to the colours name - VERY white.
I'm going to purchase another eye shadow brush and see if that application is better than applying it with the trusty fingers, but I don't think I would rush out to purchase another one.

The product in it's packaging.

The colour applied to my hand.

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