Monday, 15 August 2011

Limited Edition : MAC Mineralize SkinFinish - By Candlelight

I got this limited edition Mineralize Skinfinish in the 'In the Groove' Collection, sold by MAC in July 2010.
A Mineralize Skinfinsh is a super soft, super fine power, that can be used to highlight areas of your face where you would naturally catch the light/sun.
Often the product is very shimmer, and gives a pretty, natural and healthy glow to anyone skin. It's not a product where you would get chunks of glitter and end up looking like a disco ball. This product is ground down fine and then pressed into a compact that is easy to take everywhere.
When I first used this specific one I was extremely pleased with the light that it brought to my face. It shows that even people who have an oily skin type can still get the best out of a product like this. On the other hand a dry complexion would get an even bigger benefit I think.
This specific product has ripples of shimmering gold through the soft pink base. It is so easy to work with and blends to a sheer shimmer that I adore. 
If I didn't have oily skin and therefore used this product sparsely I would definitely invest in some of the perminant line collection. If you want a dupe for this product thats in their perminant line I would go for Semi Precious Goldstone. It has slightly darker, rosier tones to it but if used in moderation, could even give a boost to a blush in the summer.
The amount of product you get is endless so I wouldn't say the £20.55 price tag would put me off. This could easily last you most of a year if used every day. I'll insert some pictures of the product below.

Product open in its casing.

Close up of the actual product with its gold shimmer ripples.

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