Sunday, 7 August 2011

Charles Worthington Thermal Straightening Balm

I have really thick hair, and to put it simply, I don't have the time or the patience to dry it layer by layer in the correct direction. Plus, in the summer heat it will end up doing what it wants to do anyways - even after attacking it with my GHD's.
On that note, I went looking for a straightening solution -  one that would protect my hair from heat and help to straighten and keep it straight. 
I use plenty of different heat protection in my hair, simply because I like the way they smell, or the way they make my hair feel. However this product, by far, I use regardless of if I'm using any of my other products.
Achieve glossy, smooth and straight styles
Defend hair from heat styling
Protect from pollution and UV damage.
It all sounds pretty perfect to me.
The product is a translucent white gel. I only use one pump on my hair and put it through the mid lengths to the end. Putting product up near my roots would only make it look really gross and greasy after I'd dried it (not exactly the desired look). It's not sticky at all which I love. Furthermore, once I've run it through my hair I can't even feel its there. It just does what it says on the tube, without it weighing my hair down and making it feel cakey. The fact that it protects from pollution and UV damage is an extra plus that everyone should think about with their hair. I think every girl wants the hair off the shampoo adverts right?
I think it's the perfect combination along with the other 3 products I use religiously when I've washed my hair: Got 2 be Guardian Angel Heat Protecting Spray, Tigi Smoothing Liquid and Frizz-ease Dream Curls Heat Protecting Spray. If you would live a review on how I use these and what they feel like in my hair then let me know. But I guess since I use them everyday they are certainly great and considered my holy grail products.

What the product looks like.

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