Monday, 8 August 2011

Benefit Box Blush - Georgia

Benefit Box Blushes are a well known product in the beauty community. Anything from CORALista to Sugarbomb, Dallas to Bella Bamba. Personally I find Georgia the most interesting - but let me explain why.
Near the end of last year I went on search for a good peachy coloured blush. I have a really fair complexion when i'm not tanned and needed something that wasn't going to be a bit to out there and orange for my skin.
Whilst speaking to LoveLaughAndMakeup aka Sabrina, previously JuicyTopics on YouTube, she recommended Georgia blush by Benefit.
I was quite glad by this because I'd actually thought of getting it for a while but never knew if it would be to harsh and so I steered clear. Saying this, she said it was a lovely colour and I jumped into buying it on my weeks work experience at Bliss Magazine. And I have to agree, it is a lovely colour but for reasons I didnt expect.
I'm not a girl that likes a lot of shimmer on my face. I prefer matt finishes with a little bit of a glow but nothing that makes me look like a disco ball. For this purpose the blush is great. It gives off such a subtle shimmer that doesnt get overbearing during the day. 
As for the colour pay off - I love it. On the other hand, I can understand why so many people might not be fond of it. It is a very light blush. You would have to wear a few layers to build up a colour from it. But for me it is just what I wanted. It's a beautiful shade that gives me a dusting of colour on my cheeks without me looking like I drew an orange line across them.
Because the product is so sheer, you can also use it as an all over face powder for that beautiful summer glow.
I think that this colour would be a great transitional makeup piece from Summer to Autum as it is subtle enough for summer, so you don't look like your caked, but warm enough for Autum. You could even use it as a highlighter if you wanted to. This product is so versitile and lasts such a long time - its definitely value for money in my view.
I'm not to sure if the product has been discontinued or not. I've heard a lot of people say differently. However I checked online and I know that if you are in the uk you can still buy it from the Benefit website here.

Product comes complete with brush and powder protector - £23.50

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