Friday, 5 August 2011

AllSaints Rana Shoulder Bag

I've been looking for a new black bag for agessss! Ever since I broke the one I got for Christmas last year from River Island
It was gorgeous! It had a long strap and then the bag was black with gold studs in a quilted design on the front and back. However the stitching came undone holding the strap onto it and I was gutted. Thankfully we got our money back for it but I've been wanting a new one since the beginning of summer.
Naturally I gravitated towards the Mulberry I have wanted for ages. 

Mulberry Roxanne.
The Roxanne has been discontinued now but is still sold at Bicester Village shopping centre. I guess this is until they run out. 
So me being the eager beaver that I am, I drove straight down there to get one. I knew it was going to be expensive but figured that since I wanted it so much i would stretch to £400 to buy one.
So you can imagine my eyes when i saw the Mulberry sign - being the true girl I am, I ran into the shop and started frantically searching for the bag. When I saw it I basically picked it up and headed to the till before my mum stopped me to shatter my dreams. The bag was £565. OUCH!
I really couldn't stretch to that much and was in a bit of a royal grump for the rest of the day. I recently went back there and thought I would try my luck again with it, but it was still £525.
Apparently they have a sale there on boxing day where everything goes for £200 or something so I guess I'm just going to have to wait till then. 
In the meantime I've been searching everywhere for another bag. Finally I found one that's affordable in the AllSaints sale. The Rana Shoulder Bag looks a lot like the brown bag I already had and I figured it would tide me over until I am united with my beloved Mulberry.
I'm starting to really get into the black bags with studs on them. They kind of remind me of a biker look but way easier to pull off considering I couldn't be less 'biker' if I tried.
But yeah, its gorgeous and I love it.
What do you think? If you know of anywhere that sells Mulberry's cheap or a place that sells good leather black bags, then let me know :)
Not the greatest picture.. Check the link above to see it on the site in all its glory :) hehe.


  1. mulberry make the roxanne bag especially for the mulberry outlets as they are popular but not up to date enough to be in there seasonal range... so they will be in the outlets until they decide theres no need for them they do this with quite a few designs that you will only ever see in the outlets :) soo you could just wait ages!! keep an eye on it ring up every now and then and ask about the price

    1. ohhhh! really? thanks for letting me know! I always go to the outlets and check and theres often a few there but the prices are pretty high. the longer i leave it the more bags i find that im loving! any mulberrys u like particularly? alexa? xxo


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