Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What's in my makeup bag? :)

Want to know what's in my everyday makeup bag? 
Well what's in it stays pretty constant. Most of the products are holy grail items that I have used for a number of years and they work the best for me. However the bag changes it up considering on where I'm going or where the bags going (E.g in my bag or on display). The bag I'm using at the moment came in a set of three from Boots. This is the middle of the 3 bags. The big one is a see through plastic zip bag and the smallest has a retro woman in black and white on the front, but this one is my favourite as its just the right size and shape for all of my products and brushes to go in. This is the bag with the products in it.

Soap and Glory Makeup Bag - £ 14

These are the brushes that are typically in my bag. The top one is the MAC 187 duo fibre brush. I use this for applying my cream to powder foundation, using this is swirling motions to buff the foundation in. The bottom brush is the MAC 182 buffer brush. I keep this in my makeup bag to apply my blusher. I don't own a blusher brush yet. Some might think that I'm crazy trying to apply my blush with this kabuki but i find that since its domed, if i don't push the brush into the product to much, only the tip gets the product and it's OK to apply the product to the apples where i want it.

These brushes are 2-3 years old. Still in perfect condition.
The first thing i apply to my face is my primer. This is the Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. They also do an apricot one which gives you a touch of colour, but with such a pale complexion I like to just use the clear one. If you would like to hear more about it I have a review. Click here.

20ml - £13.
This is the next thing i put on. The Benefit Porefessional primer fills in any deep pores you may have. I pat this onto where i need it. A little goes a long way.

22ml - £23.50

Then using my 187, i apply my foundation. This is the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by Mac. My shade is NC20. If you would like to know more about how this works for my skin type, let me know by commenting at the end of this post or tweeting me at @edgeofbeauty7.

15g - £19.50.
This is the concealer that i use to cover anything else i need to after my foundation is applied. The one i find works best for the majority of thing is my Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20.

5.5g - £13.50
I've recently found this concealer in the depths of my makeup and started to reuse it. I really like that it is a liquid consistency and can be blended differently to create a different type of coverage.

Maybelline New York Pure Cover Mineral Concealer - £6.19
This is my go to blush when i want something easy that goes with everything. This Mac blush is called Well Dressed. Many people claim that it doesn't show up on their skin and that it is hard to work with. However this product works beautifully for me. If you want to know more about how i apply it and what it looks like on my skin let me know by comment or by twitter - @edgeofbeauty7.

6g - £17
I use this Benefit Eye Bright pencil in the tear ducts to brighten up my eyes and sometimes on the brow bone as a highlight there. Its a baby pink colour and is super soft and blendable.

2.27g - £14
Officially the best eyelash curlers i have used and I've used quite a few. This is the tweezerman version.

Metal eyelash curler - £14
This is the mascara in my bag at the moment. It's the newest mascara i own and I'm trying it out. A review will be coming up soon on it. The mascara i have just used up was the Makeup Forever Smokey Lash and it was amazing! Definitely something i would repurchase again.

9ml - £8.49
And finally my eyebrows. This is the pencil i like the best to fill them in. It is the perfect shade for my brows and stays all day. Plus its really cheap and lasts for ages.

Sleek Eyebrow Pen in Brown - £2.59

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Collective Haul Part One - Clothes and Beauty Items...

I found this blouse whilst looking for the cardigan below. I thought that it would go well with it. It looks nice whilst black skinny jeans and a tan belt or with denim shorts. Unfortunately I can't find it on the website but i believe that it's new in and i've seen it in the stores.

H&M Black and White Striped Blouse - £12.99
I originally wanted this cardigan in the camel colour because i wanted to broaden the colours in my wardrobe. Unfortunately they didnt have that colour in my size and i therefore swayed towards the black. I'm glad i made this choice because i think it will be more practical. The buttons are faux leather and so are the elbow patches. The cardigan is 100% acrylic and feel really soft. I think it will be a staple piece for me this AU/WI.

H&M Black Cardigan with Brown Elbow Patches - £24.99
I absolutely love the colour of this top. It is so christmas-y and bright. It gives a pop of colour to any outfit. The scalloped edging makes it a little bit different. I'm really tempted to get another considering they aren't to expensive. They are still sold in shops and there are a range of different colours still available on the Topshop site.

Topshop Scalloped Red Tank - £15
I wasn't to sure about this dress when i first picked it up. It is rouched at the top with detachable straps. I don't own any maxi dresses. Being 5'3 it is sometimes difficult to find ones that are short enough. I brought this dress in a size 8 and it is slightly too short but i am going to take the hem up a bit at the bottom. To give you a better idea of it on i have a picture of me trying it on in the changing room and a close up of the pattern.

Sainsburrys TU Dress - £25
Dress pattern.
Me trying it on.

I will shortly be doing a review on this mascara so I won't go into to much detail as of yet. 

Maybelline One by One Volum' Express Mascara - £8.49
At the moment i own the Got 2 be 2 Sexy Hairspray by Schwarzkopf. As much as i want to love it because it smells nice, it just doesnt hold my hair as it is so thick. So i brought this hairspray today in the hope that it will do a better job. I will do a review on this once i have been able to try it out in more depth.

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strength (75ml) - £2.09

To Be Continued - Purfume, Handbag, Jewllery, Bedding etc...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

Want luscious volume that holds all day? Well then this product might be perfect for you.
The Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It powder (10g) is a lightweight way of styling your hair. If your one that likes to change and restyle your hair throughout the day then you will fine this product very versatile.
Applying the smallest amount of this into your roots in circular motions gives you all the volume you could ever want. I generally like to scrunch my hair up and then brush it down lightly to give a more polished look. The powder works throughout the day so that even hours later you can still run your hands through your hair and create a more vamped up voluminous look if you so wish. It leaves a matt finish. The great thing about this product is that it doesn't look like there is any product in your hair so the style looks natural and effortless.
Having said this, the powder can leave your hair feeling a bit full of product and thick if you sleep in it and try to wear it the next day. If you are one to wash your hair every other day then I wouldn't recommend using it on day one.
This product is slightly tricky to get hold of in the UK. It is sold in select salons but is quite accessible online if you don't mind ordering from a reliable source so you know what you are going to get. However a supermarket alternative would be the Got 2 Be Volumising Styling Powder (10g). For a much cheaper price of around £3 it does a very similar job. 
I also recommend the Got 2 Be Guardian Angel Heat Protectant from this range, for smooth sleek and shiny hair after blow drying and straightening.
 Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder £9.75

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Summer Skin - Laura Mericer and MAC Prep and Prime

If you are looking for a good powder to set your liquid foundation, or even to use over your tinted moisturizer, this may be a good combination for you.
When I was using the MAC Mineralize SatinFinish Liquid Foundation I set it with the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light. Unfortunately I felt that this was to heavy on my skin and made it look very cakey. I looked around for a good transparent powder that was going to do the same job but make my skin look natural, as though I wasn't wearing any make up. This worked for a while but as the summer months closed in I wanted a sheerer coverage and ended up purchasing the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF20. This is great if you have no problems with your skin and wish to have a light coverage all year round. On the other hand if you are like me and have scaring that you want to cover and want the lightweight feeling of a moisturizer with the coverage of a foundation, this is the product you want. Combined with the MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Powder it leaves the skin able to breathe whilst looking natural and flawless.
I apply my tinted moisturizer and then with a big powder brush or my MAC kabuki 182. I tip the product upside down to get some powder onto the lid and then swirl my brush into it, tapping off the excess. I then swirl it in circular motion onto my face. This helps to give the moisturizer a matt look. It doesn't look cakey at all. It blends into the skin beautifully and gives a soft cashmere feeling. The products are quite expensive so maybe it would be an option to ask for items for your birthday if it is coming close, or for christmas. 
MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder - £17.50
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 Oil Free - £33

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lush Mint Julips!

For every girls basic beauty kit, it is essential to have a lip scrub. How many girls enjoy having chapped lips that are peeling and dry? None.
Using a lip scrub removes all of the dead dry skin on the top of your lips in a gentle way. It leaves them in perfect condition to apply lipstick, lip gloss or even lip balm. The application becomes better and ultimately the end result looks great! So which lip scrub do I recommend??
Lush Mint Julips! Every tub of this product is handmade. It comes with a little sticker on the bottom telling you who made your product, the date they made it, and a use by date. The scrub consists of sugar (to remove the dead skin) and a variety of oils including Jojoba and peppermint for its smooth feel and great taste. It not only does wonders for your lips but it's also really addictive. The fact that you can lick off the scrub after you have used it makes you want to apply it even more. The taste is great! And if you don't like mint then it also comes in Bubblegum and Vanilla and Chocolate
The product lasts forever as you only need a little bit at a time.
I normally use this at night time before I go to sleep as it does leave your lip a little red after the application due to the rubbing and increasing the blood flow to your them. However this goes down quickly and you are left with perfect kissable great tasting lips.

Mine partly used. (25g) Price = £4.95

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Collective Haul - Zara, Mac, H&M, AllSaints and more.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been doing a few shopping trips to various places including London and The Bullring in Birmingham. Here are a few things that I picked up that I thought were uber cute and would work well for Autumn/Winter. Plus there are a few miscellaneous pieces as well. I'll talk about each piece as a go along and will leave links to where you can buy the items yourself if your interested in them :)

This Quilted Jacket I brought whilst I was in London recently. I went to see Shrek The Musical and had some extra time to hit Oxford street and do some light retail therapy. I've wanted one of these jackets for quite a while and a lot of places sell them. The only problem was that I wanted one with a bit of shape which is not really the style of the jacket. A lot of the different varieties that I tried on were boxy and not flattering to the shape. However this Zara Jacket gave a little definition to the waist and looked really cute on with the black trimming and elbow patches. I previously wanted the green Jack wills version but it didn't fit me as well as this one did. I really like this with a lot of different outfits. I'm sure it will occur in an OOTD very soon.
Zara Quilted Jacket - £59.99
I brought this blazer from H&M. I first saw it in the brochure that they sent me whilst I was away on holiday. They sell it in various colours and I really liked the different detail of the tan elbow patches. That style seems to be really in this season so I was really pleased I managed to get my hands on this. It was so hard to get hold off because every store that I went to had sold out, even online was completely gone, but finally it came back in stock in my local store and I snapped it up. Both this blazer and the quilted jacket previous look lovely with the AllSaints shorts below.

H&M Navy Blazer - £29.99
This cardigan was also from H&M. I brought this one on one of the many searches for the blazer above. It is quite baggy, with black elbow patches. This looked really cute with a plain white tank and some blue/black jeans. Perfect for slouching.

H&M Grey Cardigan - £14.99
I brought this pair of shorts and the shorts below in the sale at AllSaints. These were down from £40 to £20 so I snapped them up. Both shorts are quite similar. The first pair is green and crinkled. The picture does not show up very well but they are a dark solid colour. However the beige pair below have distress greyish lines through the front and look very similar to the green pair. The only difference being that they have a button tack where the hangers hold the shorts (refer to the website for more detail). Both look the same at the back with the Allsaints leather badge detail in brown.

AllSaints Green Shorts - £20

AllSaints Beige Shorts - £20
I ran out of my second pot of this foundation and therefore had to restock. I love it. It gives great coverage, it helps keep the shine away from my skin for longer and it lasts forever. What's not to love? Applied with my 187 brush - it's the best combination i've found.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - £19.50
And finially, this was more of a personal purchase. I brought this because my previous album was filled. I used albums like these to fill with tickets from special days and events that I have been to. My previous one they still sell. It was a black crocodile skin looking album with black self adhesive pages. This one has strawberries and flowers on but still has the same adhesive pages as the previous book.

Paperchase Self Adhesive  Album - £10.75

Monday, 15 August 2011

Limited Edition : MAC Mineralize SkinFinish - By Candlelight

I got this limited edition Mineralize Skinfinish in the 'In the Groove' Collection, sold by MAC in July 2010.
A Mineralize Skinfinsh is a super soft, super fine power, that can be used to highlight areas of your face where you would naturally catch the light/sun.
Often the product is very shimmer, and gives a pretty, natural and healthy glow to anyone skin. It's not a product where you would get chunks of glitter and end up looking like a disco ball. This product is ground down fine and then pressed into a compact that is easy to take everywhere.
When I first used this specific one I was extremely pleased with the light that it brought to my face. It shows that even people who have an oily skin type can still get the best out of a product like this. On the other hand a dry complexion would get an even bigger benefit I think.
This specific product has ripples of shimmering gold through the soft pink base. It is so easy to work with and blends to a sheer shimmer that I adore. 
If I didn't have oily skin and therefore used this product sparsely I would definitely invest in some of the perminant line collection. If you want a dupe for this product thats in their perminant line I would go for Semi Precious Goldstone. It has slightly darker, rosier tones to it but if used in moderation, could even give a boost to a blush in the summer.
The amount of product you get is endless so I wouldn't say the £20.55 price tag would put me off. This could easily last you most of a year if used every day. I'll insert some pictures of the product below.

Product open in its casing.

Close up of the actual product with its gold shimmer ripples.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I'm always looking for a new way to make sure that my make up lasts as long as possible. I don't like to carry a lot of products around with me in my handbag. This is one product saves me reapplying during the day.
The Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (as it's so called) along with my other secret weapon (Mac Blot Film), are the perfect combination to beating the shine in this summer heat.
I first brought the Urban Decay spray after hearing about it from Missglamorazzi on YouTube. I thought it was worth a go, but at £19 I was a bit reluctant. Once I had purchased it I noticed the difference the first time that I used it. I found that after blotting and then spraying this, it left my skin looking glowing, but in a healthy attractive sense this time.
I use this everyday now. Recently I just purchased my second bottle. It claims that you are only meant to spray it two or 3 times but I like to spray it a few more times because I feel as if it works better that way. It feels almost like the skin tightens up. After a few minutes you can't even feel like it's there.
For me, I don't mind spending a bit more for products that I know are going to work well. After all, I feel that if I buy a tonne of cheap products that don't work, I'm just going to end up spending more. My reasoning is that because it doesn't work I'll be going back and buying the more expensive products that do work.
Having said this, don't think that I am saying high prices equal definite results. By no means do they. I am saying however, that this product is definitely worth the splurge.
101ml bottle. Standard size.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

As we all know, a primer is a gel/liquid/cream that we put on our face before make-up to help it last longer throughout the day.
This specific primer claims to 'fill in fine lines and deep pores in the skin to create a uniform, matt, and silky soft surface'. It is a clear gel-like consistency that you pump out of the bottle using the black press down pump at the top of the bottle. This makes it so much more hygienic, and also helps to make sure you don't waste product as the pump is very easy to control.
Personally, I only take about a pea size amount on the tip of my finger and then gently spread it between my fingertips and apply in a circular motion on my face. It lives up to the expectations of feeling very soft and silky, as any primer should. It does not leave what feels like an oily grease on my skin. It feels like it almost soaks in whilst still leaving a smooth surface. 
I have oily skin personally and I wouldn't do my make up without a primer. Saying this, it is an optional step and you do not have to use it. 
I have previously used other primers such as the L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer. Though this primer looked very pretty in the tub (a pinkish white shiny colour), when I applied it onto my face it made it feel very oily. Typically after washing my face in the morning, the oil wont build up for a couple of hours but this made it start straight away and caused me to break out. I didn't enjoy this product at all.
I have also tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Light. I do enjoy using this product. I'm not to sure if it causes me to break out or not yet because I haven't used it for long enough. I will do an in depth review on this when I know how my skin reacts to it.
Having said this, Gosh Primer is by far my favourite primer at the moment. This is my second tube of it and it just does the job without any hassle. I would say that it doesn't fill in pores as well as it claims to. I end up using my Benefit Porefessional for that job. However it still does an amazing job at everything else. 
Ultimately, my foundation stays on throughout the day and part of that is due to this product. I also use other products to avoid it melting away during the day. If you would like I could do an everyday foundation routine and show you what i use and how i use it.
On a final note, the Gosh primer isn't expensive. I usually buy it from Superdrug and it costs me around £13 and lasts for most of the year. What's not to love?
It does come with a lid, but it was kind of mucky so I took a picture without it :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Limited Edition : Marc Jacobs Daisy - Eau So Fresh

I am somewhat of a collecter of perfume bottles. Not in a way that I will buy ones without perfume in... More in the way that I keep every perfume bottle I have after I've used it, and always plan to. I think that they would make really pretty flower vases if you stood a single flower in each.
My signature perfume would have to be Miss Dior Cherie as I wear that every single day and have gone through countless bottles of it. Since I have purchased all sizes of the bottle, I think it would be a really sweet idea to have a small, medium and large bottle, all with a flower in on a window ledge. It's all about recycling... Or just the fact that I love different perfume bottles.
Anyways, getting back on topic, my boyfriend recently brought this Marc Jacobs fragrance on our flight back from Fuerteventura earlier on this year. Since he brought the bottle in duty free we got about £10 off. However, the perfume normally retails for around £48 (75ml). I really wanted it initially because the bottle looks so gorgeous. With the flowers on a golden ball lid, it really looks like no other perfume bottle I own. The 'Eau So Fresh' version is a limited edition take off of the previously released 'Daisy' perfume. The scent is fruity and floral with top notes of grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear; middle notes of jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom; base notes of musk, virginia cedar and plum.
Personally I think it is a very daytime friendly scent. I would say the scent lasts a long time on my skin considering that it's eau de toilette. However if I do feel like reapplying during the day, I'm more than happy to considering how cute the bottle looks.
It's a very girlie fragrance. I want to say that I don't usually lean towards fruity scents when I buy perfume although I know that Miss Dior Cherie has some notes in there. Somehow I feel that the notes are a lot more obvious in this perfume compared to the Dior.
I would definitely go and smell it for yourself if you like scents like 'Couture Couture' by Juicy Couture or Miss Dior Cherie. I like them both and I certainly like this new perfume.
75ml bottle. Daisy - Eau so fresh.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Benefit Box Blush - Georgia

Benefit Box Blushes are a well known product in the beauty community. Anything from CORALista to Sugarbomb, Dallas to Bella Bamba. Personally I find Georgia the most interesting - but let me explain why.
Near the end of last year I went on search for a good peachy coloured blush. I have a really fair complexion when i'm not tanned and needed something that wasn't going to be a bit to out there and orange for my skin.
Whilst speaking to LoveLaughAndMakeup aka Sabrina, previously JuicyTopics on YouTube, she recommended Georgia blush by Benefit.
I was quite glad by this because I'd actually thought of getting it for a while but never knew if it would be to harsh and so I steered clear. Saying this, she said it was a lovely colour and I jumped into buying it on my weeks work experience at Bliss Magazine. And I have to agree, it is a lovely colour but for reasons I didnt expect.
I'm not a girl that likes a lot of shimmer on my face. I prefer matt finishes with a little bit of a glow but nothing that makes me look like a disco ball. For this purpose the blush is great. It gives off such a subtle shimmer that doesnt get overbearing during the day. 
As for the colour pay off - I love it. On the other hand, I can understand why so many people might not be fond of it. It is a very light blush. You would have to wear a few layers to build up a colour from it. But for me it is just what I wanted. It's a beautiful shade that gives me a dusting of colour on my cheeks without me looking like I drew an orange line across them.
Because the product is so sheer, you can also use it as an all over face powder for that beautiful summer glow.
I think that this colour would be a great transitional makeup piece from Summer to Autum as it is subtle enough for summer, so you don't look like your caked, but warm enough for Autum. You could even use it as a highlighter if you wanted to. This product is so versitile and lasts such a long time - its definitely value for money in my view.
I'm not to sure if the product has been discontinued or not. I've heard a lot of people say differently. However I checked online and I know that if you are in the uk you can still buy it from the Benefit website here.

Product comes complete with brush and powder protector - £23.50

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Charles Worthington Thermal Straightening Balm

I have really thick hair, and to put it simply, I don't have the time or the patience to dry it layer by layer in the correct direction. Plus, in the summer heat it will end up doing what it wants to do anyways - even after attacking it with my GHD's.
On that note, I went looking for a straightening solution -  one that would protect my hair from heat and help to straighten and keep it straight. 
I use plenty of different heat protection in my hair, simply because I like the way they smell, or the way they make my hair feel. However this product, by far, I use regardless of if I'm using any of my other products.
Achieve glossy, smooth and straight styles
Defend hair from heat styling
Protect from pollution and UV damage.
It all sounds pretty perfect to me.
The product is a translucent white gel. I only use one pump on my hair and put it through the mid lengths to the end. Putting product up near my roots would only make it look really gross and greasy after I'd dried it (not exactly the desired look). It's not sticky at all which I love. Furthermore, once I've run it through my hair I can't even feel its there. It just does what it says on the tube, without it weighing my hair down and making it feel cakey. The fact that it protects from pollution and UV damage is an extra plus that everyone should think about with their hair. I think every girl wants the hair off the shampoo adverts right?
I think it's the perfect combination along with the other 3 products I use religiously when I've washed my hair: Got 2 be Guardian Angel Heat Protecting Spray, Tigi Smoothing Liquid and Frizz-ease Dream Curls Heat Protecting Spray. If you would live a review on how I use these and what they feel like in my hair then let me know. But I guess since I use them everyday they are certainly great and considered my holy grail products.

What the product looks like.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

L'oreal Paris Color Infallible - 001

To go slightly off topic, I recently went on a search for a good waterproof mascara.
This search as a bit late as I actually realised I didn't have one the day before I was going on holiday with my boyfriend. It made no sense to me that I didn't have one because they used to be the only kind I picked up. However, I guess I felt that I didn't really need a waterproof mascara and changed my brand to the normal.
But here we are. And the search for a waterproof mascara commenced because I'd just recently run out of the tube I was using. 
While browsing the isles in my local boots, none of the mascara's seemed to jump out at me. I'd listened to reviews about a few of them from the beauty guru's on YouTube and was persistent on skipping those ones, which left me with few.
Being the girl I am, I always look for the pretty packaging or the ones with the interesting wands - gimmicks always seem to get me - but there was nothing.
Finally I settled on my trusty L'oreal Telescopic that I've used before. The waterproof packaging wasn't as pretty as the normal but I figured that at at least I was buying something I knew would work. This is where the Color Infallible came in.
Boots were doing a deal that if you brought a L'oreal mascara, you received one of their new eye shadows free of charge.
Personally I'm not really an eyeshadow girl. I much prefer blusher and mascara, so I wasn't to fussed with getting the freebie. I figured that if I could find something that was relatively nude and easy to just swipe on the eyelids, I would go with that. The colour selection was very small however this is when I stumbled across colour 001 (aka Time Resist White).
It looks so pretttyyy in the packaging. All sparkly. It was more of a golden champagne colour I thought, compared to a whiteish colour. I figured that I could see how this worked as an inner corner highlight or even a browbone highlight.
Now onto the nitty gritty: I don't know if its because I don't have the correct brush to apply this product with but it is incredibly hard to work with. The fall out is crazy!! And as for putting it on the inner corner - well it does look gorgeous actually, and if you put a minimal amount then your onto a winner. The brow bone highlight is a no go. It's way to shimmery for that. And as an all over lid colour, it comes out true to the colours name - VERY white.
I'm going to purchase another eye shadow brush and see if that application is better than applying it with the trusty fingers, but I don't think I would rush out to purchase another one.

The product in it's packaging.

The colour applied to my hand.

Friday, 5 August 2011

AllSaints Rana Shoulder Bag

I've been looking for a new black bag for agessss! Ever since I broke the one I got for Christmas last year from River Island
It was gorgeous! It had a long strap and then the bag was black with gold studs in a quilted design on the front and back. However the stitching came undone holding the strap onto it and I was gutted. Thankfully we got our money back for it but I've been wanting a new one since the beginning of summer.
Naturally I gravitated towards the Mulberry I have wanted for ages. 

Mulberry Roxanne.
The Roxanne has been discontinued now but is still sold at Bicester Village shopping centre. I guess this is until they run out. 
So me being the eager beaver that I am, I drove straight down there to get one. I knew it was going to be expensive but figured that since I wanted it so much i would stretch to £400 to buy one.
So you can imagine my eyes when i saw the Mulberry sign - being the true girl I am, I ran into the shop and started frantically searching for the bag. When I saw it I basically picked it up and headed to the till before my mum stopped me to shatter my dreams. The bag was £565. OUCH!
I really couldn't stretch to that much and was in a bit of a royal grump for the rest of the day. I recently went back there and thought I would try my luck again with it, but it was still £525.
Apparently they have a sale there on boxing day where everything goes for £200 or something so I guess I'm just going to have to wait till then. 
In the meantime I've been searching everywhere for another bag. Finally I found one that's affordable in the AllSaints sale. The Rana Shoulder Bag looks a lot like the brown bag I already had and I figured it would tide me over until I am united with my beloved Mulberry.
I'm starting to really get into the black bags with studs on them. They kind of remind me of a biker look but way easier to pull off considering I couldn't be less 'biker' if I tried.
But yeah, its gorgeous and I love it.
What do you think? If you know of anywhere that sells Mulberry's cheap or a place that sells good leather black bags, then let me know :)
Not the greatest picture.. Check the link above to see it on the site in all its glory :) hehe.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nail Apps by O.P.I - Magic Garden.

My most recent beauty buy was a purchase from Asos!
Normally I don't consider Asos to be a place that I would think of buying products from. However, when I saw these nail apps in the sale whilst searching for the dress FleurDeForce brought (black and cream off the shoulder dress) for a recent event, I thought to myself, why not give it a go?!
I've always wanted to try some like this but they are so expensive, and for what they are and potentially how long they will last, they were a bit of a swizz!
I applied them about a week ago - they're really easy to do. All the application consists of is rubbing the sticker on the plastic paper (I presume this is to activate the glue), and then press them down onto your nail. After you have removed any air bubbles you simply nail file the excess sticker off and voila!
An extra bonus was that I just read on the back of the packet they were meant to last 1-2 days.... Well I've had them on a week now and not one has torn off. I would definitely recommend them.
Here is a link to where i purchased mine from: OPI Nail Apps .
They are still available for £6.30!

My nails after the stickers were applied :)

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